Fraud Awareness and Prevention Training Module, IS-38

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MISSION SUPPORT BUREAU: Office of the Chief Security Officer

As a Federal Agency, we need to be mindful that there are some individuals that would take advantage of our programs and defraud the United States Government and more specifically, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  Administrator Fugate has said on many occasions, “While we at FEMA work to ensure resilience to disasters, we also bear the responsibility for demonstrating good stewardship over taxpayer dollars.  This means minimizing and eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse of our programs and policies, and implementing common-sense measures to cut down on costs wherever possible.”

As a measure of mitigation in minimizing fraud, the Office of the Chief Security Officer designed and developed a Fraud Awareness and Prevention Training Module, IS-38, in compliance with the Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006.  This training is in line with the Administrator’s priorities and listed as a mandatory training requirement for Agency personnel.  This requirement must be completed prior to Dec. 28, 2012 and is available on FEMA’s Knowledge Center or FEKC. 

I am requesting that all FEMA personnel who did not receive Fraud Awareness and Prevention Training via classroom instruction within the last 12 months complete IS-38 prior to the deadline outlined above.  This training is one of the many internal control measures FEMA has put in place to ensure our personnel are knowledgeable and vigilant towards eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse.   

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