FEMA Rises to Call, Helps Feds Feed Families

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FEMA would like to thank everyone who has already willingly given their time and donations during the "Feds Feed Families" Summer Food Drive. We have seen a huge outpouring of support for this program.   In July, FEMA netted almost 5,000 pounds of non-perishable donations!  The last pick up of donations will be Wednesday, September 4th.

As the 2013 Feds Feed Families Campaign comes to an end, we want to highlight the JFO for FEMA-4086-DR-NJ and Sharon Jack who lead FEMA’s Facilities nation-wide in donations with an early August total of 3,050 lbs.   This food was collected and delivered immediately to two different food banks in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, New Jersey, to meet the needs of the disaster survivors recovering from Hurricane Sandy.   Photo (NJ 4086) shows the collective spirits of the FEMA employees with their donations.  With our colleagues in New Jersey creating momentum, Boston vowed to beat the competition and collected a grand total of 3,660 lbs. (IMG 4116). This level of competition echoed throughout FEMA, at both long distance facilities and nearby worksites, with single employees joining the Hall of Fame by donating 250 lbs. each, with a total in excess of 2,000 lbs. 

Our theme this year is to “beat your best’ and FEMA pledged 30,000 lbs.  The most wanted items for food banks nationwide include: canned fruits, canned vegetables, multigrain cereals, grains, canned proteins, soups, 100% juice, condiments, snacks, paper products, household items, and hygiene items.  We still are in the competition with motivated FEMA employees, who are eager to support their local food banks.  

The last day to donate is August 31, 2013 with your help we can increase our combined contributions before the campaign ends.

The Feds Feed Feds Feed Families campaign is a voluntary effort and can only accept non-perishable food donations.

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