FEMA Employee Performance Management Program

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MEMORANDUM FOR:     All FEMA Employees

FROM:                            Corey J. Coleman

   Acting Chief Component Human Capital Officer

SUBJECT:                       FEMA Employee Performance Management Program

FEMA recognizes its employees as an invaluable resource to achieve the mission of the Agency. Over the past several years, changes have been underway to improve employee performance by evaluating how employees are assigned work, appraised, and developed.  Employee performance management serves many purposes including, determining individual and organizational training needs, measuring mission success, informing employees what is expected of them, and holding all employees accountable for performance. 

In 2011, all supervisors and managers were moved to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Employee Performance Management Program (EPMP). This program clearly identifies what is to be accomplished during the year and how the work is completed as it relates to our mission. In January 2014, all covered General Schedule employees, including Cadre of On-Call Response/Recovery Employees, will be converted to the new EPMP. The new FEMA EPMP mirrors the DHS EPMP by delineating individual performance goals and competencies. The EPMP will identify what is to be accomplished and how the work is to be completed as it relates to the FEMA mission, while informing employees of goals and expectations.  This will be achieved by developing individual performance goals and competencies for all employees.

In preparation for this transition, all FEMA employees are encouraged to participate in the online courses, IS-920-Performance Management and IS-923-Goal Writing, located on the FEMA Employee Knowledge Center.  These courses will aid in the individual and team goal writing process.

Over the next few months, you can expect:

  • In-person and/or Adobe Connect workshops on the new program offered by OCCHCO.
  • Multiple job aids posted on the intranet

For more information or if you have questions concerning Performance Management, please contact FEMA-Performance-Management@dhs.gov, Carol Anne Snider at (202) 212-2250, Anthony Berman, (202)-646-4253, or Gregory Jackson, 202-212-4877.



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