Disaster Field Training Operation fully underway

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BY: Scott Zaffram, Training Unit Lead; Carole Montgomery, Training Manager

The Disaster Field Training Operation unit at New Jersey’s joint field offices is fully underway offering a full complement of FEMA Qualification System and mission critical training opportunities to those deployed to DR-4086-NJ. FQS Coach/Evaluator course.  Photograph credit: Scott Zaffram

The New Jersey DFTO is executing an aggressive training plan based on a comprehensive training needs assessment using the most up-to-date FQS data available provided by the Incident Workforce Management Office. FEMA leadership has made one of the DFTO’s top priorities to be an immediate delivery of FQS courses that are most greatly needed by deployed trainees so they may actively work to complete his or her position task books requirements – the road to becoming qualified!

To significantly reduce the overall administrative costs related to the delivery of traininig costs related to the delivery administrative costs related to the delivery of training, the New Jersey DFTO has eliminated the production of most paper-based student manuals. Instead, students are required to bring their FEMA issued laptop to class and receive a compact disk with the course curriculum at the start of the course.  This initiative is an innovative use of FEMA’s available technologies and has reduced the amount of paper-waste associated.    

As of Jan. 25, 2012, New Jersey’s DFTO has delivered 274 courses and hosted 4,092 individual student completions in support of the disaster mission and toward completion of a position task book in the program areas of Individual Assistance, Public Assistance, External Affairs/Community Relations, and Mitigation. 

Additionally, the DFTO has trained and certified 223 FQS coach/evaluators to support the process of trainees becoming qualified. While reflecting on the last 10-weeks of operation at the New Jersey JFO, these are significant accomplishments that directly influence FEMA’s increased capabilities to meet the needs of the survivors impacted by Hurricane Sandy and beyond.

 Scott Zaffram

Training Manager Richard Sexton and Training Specialist Jordan Manos instruct the L277: Community Relations Basic course.  Photograph credit: Scott Zaffram

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