Car enthusiast records Public Service Announcement for FEMA

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By Veronica Hinke, FEMA External Affairs, FEMA-4099-DR-PA

Bruce Larson is known as a champion of funny car racing, but he is spreading a very serious message this week about car safety. Larson, a legendary National Hot Rod Association world champion drag race driver, recorded a 30-second public service announcement for radio broadcast in support of National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, March 3-9.

Bruce Larson

National Hot Rod Association world champion drag race car driver Bruce Larson explains "spring may be around the corner, but be sure you keep a blanket and other items in your car to be prepared in case of late winter storms." The Harrisburg, Pa. resident recorded a 30-second radio Public Service Announcement on vehicle preparedness for National Severe Weather Preparedness Week. FEMA/Veronica Hinke

Larson popped out of his lane briefly to record a quick and succinct message: Be prepared for late winter storms by keeping your car winterized and equipped with a kit.  

The PSA was recorded in Dauphin, Pa., where Larson, a Harrisburg resident, keeps a treasured collection of antique cars. He is decidedly sentimental about one, which is the 1932 Ford V8 engine Model B he first raced as a teen. It is the same type of car featured in the 1973 film American Graffiti.

Another car in Larson’s beloved collection, a 1956 Ford Thunderbird, is also like those cars seen in the film. While you won’t see a 20-something, platinum blonde Suzanne Somers peering from the back of this classic, you will find at least one sensible item: an old blanket. It’s one of the most important safety articles Larson encourages drivers to have in their cars.  

“Keep a blanket, some extra outerwear, a flashlight with extra batteries and a first aid kit in your car,” Larson warns. “Spring may be around the corner, but you should still be prepared in case of late winter storms.”                     

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