Hazard Mitigation Planning Policy and Guidance Archive

These Federal Register notices document the history of changes to the hazard mitigation planning regulations since 2002. The current regulations incorporate, or supersede, each of these rule changes.

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ARCHIVED: Local Mitigation Plan Review Guide

(October 1, 2011; sunset on April 18, 2023 )

ARCHIVED: State Mitigation Plan Review Guide

FP 302-094-2, March 6, 2015; sunset on April 18, 2023

Archive: MT-PL #9: Implementation of State Mitigation Plan Requirement for Severe Repetitive Loss Strategy

Archive: MT-PL #8: Obligation of Grants to States, Territories & Indian Tribal Govs with expired Hazard Mitigation Plans

Archive: MT-PL #8A: Sample Language to include in Letter to Governor about Expiring State Plan

Archive: MT-PL #7: Blue Book Guidance to FEMA Regions & States for New & Updated Enhanced State Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plans 07/10/2007

Archive: MT-PL #5 - Guidance to FEMA Regions and States for Updating Standard State Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plans

Archive: State Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning Guidance (Mitigation Planning "Blue Book")

Archive: Local Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning Guidance

Archive: Tribal Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning Guidance

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