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The Building Science Resource Library contains all of FEMA’s hazard-specific guidance that focuses on creating hazard-resistant communities.

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FEMA 350, Recommended Seismic Design Criteria for New Steel Moment-Frame Buildings

This resource document (FEMA 350) for organizations engaged in the development of building codes and standards provides recommended guidelines for the design and construction of steel moment frame buildings and alternative performance-based design criteria. It supplements the NEHRP Recommended Provisions for Seismic Regulations for New Buildings and other Structures. A series of pre-qualified connection details, as well as a detailed procedure for performance evaluation, is included.

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FEMA 351, Recommended Seismic Evaluation and Upgrade Criteria for Existing Welded Steel Moment-Frame Buildings

This publication provides recommended methods for evaluating the probable performance of existing steel moment-frame buildings in future earthquakes. It presents guidelines on how to retrofit these buildings for improved performance, a simplified procedure for estimating the probable postearthquake repair costs, and methods for developing building-specific vulnerability and loss functions for steel moment-frame buildings.

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FEMA 353, Recommended Specifications and Quality Assurance Guidelines for Steel Moment-Frame Construction for Seismic Applications

This two-part publication provides recommended specifications for the fabrication and erection of steel moment-frames for seismic applications. Part One covers recommended specifications, including information on products; execution; welded joint and fabrication details; and quality control and assurance. Part Two outlines quality assurance guidelines; contractor qualifications and quality tasks; quality assurance agency qualifications and quality assurance tasks; and recommended methods for determining whether structural steel materials, welded joints, and bolted joints meet the applicable standards. The recommended design criteria contained in FEMA 350, FEMA 351, and FEMA 352 are based on the standards contained in this document.

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FEMA 354, Policy Guide to Steel Moment-Frame Construction

This guide addresses the social, economic, and political issues related to the earthquake performance of steel moment-frame buildings. Written for building owners, local community officials, and other non-technical audiences, this guide also discusses the relative costs and benefits of implementing the design criteria recommended in FEMA 350 through FEMA 353.