Whole Community Engagement and Public Communications

Guides, Reports and Tools

Long-Term Community Recovery Toolbox: Communications Mapping Tool: This tool guides a community or organization through a practical exercise to identify and map important lines of communication during recovery.

A Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management - Principles, Themes, and Pathways for Action: This strategic document outlines how to integrates whole community recovery (equitable recovery) into the recovery process to create more resilient and equitable communities.

Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery Briefing Papers: Public Engagement in Recovery Planning - APA guidance provides four key points to consider when engaging the public after a disaster event.

Citizen's Advisory Recovery Team (CART) website for Joplin Recovery: Joplin's Citizen Advisory Recovery Team Website serves as an example of what can be done to encourage communication and collaboration after you have set up a recovery team.

Public Health Workbook: To Define, Locate, and Reach Special, Vulnerable, and At-risk Populations in an Emergency: This step-by-step guide, created by the CDC, walks officials through the process of identifying and reaching at-risk populations.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategies for Participatory Mapping: This publication provides strategies for facilitators leading a participatory mapping process.

Risk Behavior and Risk Communication: Synthesis and Expert Interviews: This report discusses ways governments can inspire stakeholders to prepare for and take action before a disaster takes place.

Introduction to Stakeholder Participation:  To access the guide click view PDF. The guide introduces the most common organizing techniques, including determining when it is needed, and identifying and analyzing stakeholders. Use this link to also see if there is any upcoming training or other useful classes.

Case Studies

Flood Recovery Resource Guide: Boulder County:  This newsletter is an example of a communication tool used in Boulder County to provide knowledge and guidance to citizens after the 2013 flood.   

Whole Community Examples:  This article highlights six projects in six different disaster-stricken areas that best exemplify FEMA's "Whole Community Approach". The projects in Joplin, Missouri and New Orleans, Louisiana focus on post-disaster recovery programs.

Last updated November 22, 2022