Part 1. Organization

Organizing local leadership, involving the local community, and coordinating among community stakeholders.

Top Resources

  1. Disaster Recovery: A Local Government Responsibility
  2. Public Engagement - APA Briefing Paper
  3. The U.S. Participation Playbook: ​A resource for local government managers to build better services through public participation using best practices
  4. Recovery Takes Effective Leadership
  5. LMI's Local Disaster Recovery Staffing Guide
  6. Colorado Community Recovery Symposium: Jane Cage

Additional Organizational Resources

Community Recovery Leadership

Whole Community Engagement and Public Communications

Organizing and Coordinating among Local Government and Stakeholders

Community Recovery Leadership

Peer Leadership Videos

The videos below represent are invaluable tools for community organization and leadership. Listen to these videos to gain a better understanding on how to begin recovery.

North Carolina Recovery Roundtable: On April 9, 2019 North Carolina held a Recovery Round Table to discuss the impacts and recovery from hurricanes within North Carolina. This event allowed community leaders to discuss recovery, rebuilding after a disaster, and featured targeted discussion cost of recovery and financial concerns. This featured video spotlights the gaps that this recovery round table filled, as well as input from both presenters and participants on why this kind of event is important.

Cedar Rapids Flood Recovery: Interview with Christine Butterfield

Case Studies

At the Crossroads of Recovery, Joplin Missouri Six Months After: Documents the recovery efforts in Joplin six months after the 2011 tornado devastated the community. This case study highlights how a resident organization with broad stakeholder participation spearheaded a recovery planning process in partnership with local government.

Community Testimonies

Six Perspectives on How Communities Can Recover After a Disaster: Six Local Recovery Managers give their opinions on what makes for effective, long-term recovery.

Joplin Pays it Forward: This book is a collection of essays written by community leaders, public safety officials, and volunteer coordinators about lessons learned during the Joplin, Missouri rebuilding efforts.

Cedar Rapids Flood Recovery: An Interview with Christine Butterfield audio podcast - Christine Butterfield speaks about the extensive planning effort to rebuild the City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, after a record-breaking flood in June 2008.

Last updated November 22, 2022