Environmental Assessment including FONSI signed 2/10/2022 for Sidney GreenPlain Project, Delaware County, New York, FEMA-DR-4085-NY, 2021

Location Region 2, New York
Completion Year of Most Recent Document 2021
Level of NEPA Review EA - Environmental Assessment
FEMA Programs HMGP - Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
Disaster(s) /Year 4085 2012

This NEPA collection covers the following topics: Floodplain Management; Nature-Based or Bioengineering; Roads and Bridges. It is categorized under these NEPA types: Disaster Grant; Hazard Mitigation; Permanent.


Environmental Assessment Sidney GreenPlain Project Delaware County, New York FEMA DR-4085 NY October 2021

Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) signed 2/10/2022 for Sidney Greenplain Project, Delaware County, New York Environmental Assessment

Last updated April 28, 2022