Environmental Assessment including FONSI signed 1/28/2014 for Caliente Flood Control Project, City of Caliente, Nevada, PDMC-PJ-09-NV-2011-002, 2014

Location Region 9, Nevada
Completion Year of Most Recent Document 2014
Level of NEPA Review EA - Environmental Assessment
FEMA Programs PDMC - Pre-Disaster Mitigation (Competitive)
Signed FONSI/ROD Date
This NEPA collection covers the following topics: Drainage and Flood/Water Control (incl. dams and floodwalls); New Construction; Reconstruction; Roads and Bridges. It is categorized under these NEPA types: Hazard Mitigation; Non-Disaster Grant.
Caliente Final EA

FONSI Caliente Spring Heights Flood Control

Caliente Flood Control Project, EA Draft

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