Draft Environmental Assessment including Signed FONSI of November 3, 2020, City of Laurinburg, Proposed North Fire Station, DR-4393-NC PW 00234 PN 71275, Scotland County, North Carolina, July 2020

Location Region 4, North Carolina
Completion Year of Most Recent Document 2020
Level of NEPA Review EA - Environmental Assessment
FEMA Programs PA - Public Assistance
Disaster(s) /Year 4393 2018
Incident Type Hurricane

This NEPA collection covers the following topics: Critical Facilities; Floodplain Management; New Construction. It is categorized under these NEPA types: Disaster Grant; Permanent; Public Assistance.

Environmental Assessment City of Laurinburg, Proposed North Fire Station (DR-4393-NC)

FONSI for Laurinburg Fire Station

This Environmental Assessment (EA) evaluates typical actions undertaken by FEMA and other Federal Agencies to provide financial support or technical assistance to the City of Laurinburg covered by the scope of this document on the proposed North Fire Station in Laurinburg, Scotland County, North Carolina.

Last updated January 19, 2022