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Washington, D.C.: BluePlains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant Floodwall Segment

Floodwall to protect one of the world’s largest wastewater treatment plants serving an essential population hub. This is a Justice40 project.

Virginia: Eastern Shore Drive Drainage Improvement Project

A coastal community in Virginia with several protected natural resources will implement a variety of infrastructure, nature-based, and community outreach and education solutions in order to improve resilience against worsening chronic flooding.

Oklahoma: Improving Infrastructure to Protect Residential and Commercial Facilities

Mitigating multiple climate change vulnerabilities in an increasingly influential city. This is a Justice40 project.

Florida: Flood Mitigation with Living Levee, Shoreline and Pump Station Repairs

Optimizing structures and providing nature-based solutions to combat increased flood risk and sea level rise threats in one of the nation’s most rapidly growing areas. This is a Justice40 project.

North Carolina: Blood Run Pump Station Relocation

Protecting critical sewage infrastructure in a town that provides food supplies. This is a Justice40 project.

North Carolina: Sewer Pump Station Elevation Project

Mitigating flood risk in an underserved community. This is a Justice40 project.

Georgia: Springfield Canal Improvement/Historic Carver Village and Cloverdale Flood Reduction Project

Mitigating future flood damage in a historically underserved community. This is a Justice40 project.

North Carolina: Water Supply Resiliency Project

Protecting water supply for a rapidly growing and diverse community. This is a Justice40 project.

California: Floodplain Restoration and Levee Resiliency Project

everely disadvantaged community along the Sacramento River will implement a combination of nature-based solutions and levee hardening to protect the Grimes community and critical infrastructure from flooding, while also restoring riparian habitats and conserving endangered species. This is a Justice40 project.

New York and New Jersey Port Authority: Elevation Floodproofing of Building 111

Critical infrastructure protection for an essential trading port.