Eligibility Requirements for Exercise Support

All exercise support requests must be sponsored by an SLTT government organization.

  • Nonprofit, private sector, and federal entities can submit requests on the condition that the support request is co-sponsored by an SLTT government organization.
  • Academic institutions that are state funded can submit a request and receive support without a co-sponsor.
  • Private academic institutions must submit a request that is co-sponsored by an SLTT government organization.

All support requests must be reviewed by the appropriate FEMA Regional Exercise Officer (REO) prior to submission.

Important Dates

  • Discussion-based exercises support will only be provided for those with a conduct date of November 4, 2024, or later.
  • Operations-based exercises support will only be provided for those with a conduct date of February 2, 2025, or later.
  • The NEP inbox should receive your exercise support request packages no later than 11:59 PM ET on the designated submission date of March 1, 2024.

Required Documentation

  • Completed or draft plan to be exercised.
  • The current Integrated Preparedness Plan (IPP) that your exercise is a part of, if available.
  • Corrective actions from past real-world events or exercises.
  • Finalized After-Action Report/Improvement Plan from a previously supported NED exercise, for sponsors that have previously received support from the NED.

Missing documentation will require a meeting with the NED to obtain clarification and information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is An Exercise Series Eligible for Support?

It is possible to receive support for an exercise series. You can choose to either submit multiple exercises from a series to the same support request round or split submissions over multiple rounds depending on development timeline. You are required to submit separate Exercise Support Requests for each exercise in your series.

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It is not guaranteed that every exercise submitted as part of a series will be accepted for NED support.

Can I Receive NED Support to Develop Real-World After-Action Reports?

Real-world After-Action Report development is not eligible for NED support; any submitted support requests for real-world After-Action Reports will not be considered.

My Jurisdiction Does Not Need Any Exercise Support From NED, Can I Still Participate in the NEP?

After-Action Reports (AARs) contain crucial data that, when viewed in the aggregate with exercises conducted nationwide, provide vital insights into preparedness trends and help shape priorities for the nation’s exercises. Sponsors interested in sharing AAR results can submit data directly to the National Exercise Program.

Exercise Support Request Submission Review and Rating Process

NED Exercise Program Managers (EPMs) and Regional Exercise Officers (REOs) review each exercise support request, prioritizing requests based on the documentation submitted and the pre-decisional scoping call outcomes. Additionally, each request is scored out of a total of 100 points based on an algorithm that extracts data from the Exercise Support Request (ESR) Form. The figure below shows how the combination of the score and panel priority work together to inform which exercise are supported.

This graphic shows the Exercise Support Request Submission Review and Rating Process. Exercise Support Requests will be scored out of a total of 100 points with participation and capability each scored out of 20 points. Equity counts for 35 points maximum and Sponsors out of 15 points. The Total Support Score and Panel Priority Assessments are combined to inform Exercise Prioritization.
Exercise Support Request Submission Review and Rating Process

FEMA Regional Exercise Officers

Exercise sponsors should coordinate closely with their appropriate Regional Exercise Officer (REO) throughout the exercise support process.

RegionRegional Exercise Officer States/Territories
Region 01Kerri-Ann TrepanierConnecticut, Maine,
Massachusetts, New
Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont
Region 02Devin KerinsNew Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
Region 03 Chris Nemcheck Delaware, Maryland,
Pennsylvania, Virginia, District of Columbia and West Virginia
Region 04 Jimmie Bell Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North
Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee
Region 05 Marc Chmielewski Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin
Region 06 Justin Breeding Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas
Region 07 John Bissen Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska
Region 08David Ouimet Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming
Region 09Kevin Wasiewski

Erik Iwanaga
Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Guam, American Samoa, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands , Republic of Marshall Islands and Federated States of Micronesia
Region 10 Stephen Simerly
Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington
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