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Equity and Mitigation Planning

Mitigation planning creates a pathway to reduce vulnerabilities. State, local, tribal and territorial governments engage underserved communities, populations, neighborhoods, and census tracts as mitigation plans are developed and updated. Together, stakeholders participate in mitigation planning to develop and adopt mitigation solutions.

Updated mitigation policies (State Mitigation Planning Policy Guide and Local Mitigation Planning Policy Guide) have equity considerations for underserved communities and socially vulnerable populations woven throughout the elements, specifically in the requirements for planning process, risk assessments and the mitigation strategy.

There are a variety of tools and resources that can assist planners incorporate equity into mitigation plan development or update. The resources here are just a few of the helpful tools available to help identify and engage underserved and vulnerable populations, neighborhoods, and census tracts in the planning area.

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Visit FEMA's Equity page for more information on how FEMA approaches equity.