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Frequently Asked Questions About the FEMA Mobile App

The FEMA App is your personalized disaster resource, so you feel empowered and ready to take charge of any disaster life throws your way.

Answers to Common Questions

How can I download the FEMA App?

The FEMA App is available for both Android and iOS.  You can download the FEMA App on Google Play and on the Apple App Store.  

You can also download the app via text messaging. On an Android device, text ANDROID to 43362 (4FEMA); On an Apple Device, text APPLE to 43362 (4FEMA).

Is the FEMA App free to download?

Yes, the FEMA App is free to use and download. Please note that if you download the app via text messaging, standard message and data rates apply.

How can I change my main location in the app?

You can update your main location in the FEMA App by:

  1. Open Settings and select Your Main Location.
  2. Delete your old location.
  3. Enter your new main location and select it. 
  4. Tap the Back arrow or Close button to save your new main location.

Why hasn't the updated FEMA app installed on my device yet?

Please note: The updated app will only support iOS 11.0 or later and Android 5.0 or later. 

Apple and Google Play app stores automatically update apps by default, unless you have turned off automatic updates in your settings.  App stores typically check for app updates once a day, so it can take up to 24 hours before the FEMA app update is added to the update queue. 

If the FEMA app has not automatically updated yet, please check that the following constraints are met:

  • The device is connected to a Wi-Fi network and/or cellular data network.
  • The device is charging and/or battery is almost full. If device is in Low Power Mode it may not update.
  • The device is idle (not actively used).
  • The FEMA app is not running in the foreground.

Can I apply for assistance in the app?

No, you cannot apply for Individual Assistance on the FEMA App at this time.  The FEMA App includes links to apply for assistance. Clicking on those links will direct you to where you can apply for assistance on their mobile website.

Can I receive weather and emergency alerts for more than one location?

Yes, you can sign up to receive weather and emergency alerts for up to five locations on the FEMA App.

Can I customize my alerts so that I only get notified for certain alert types?

Yes, you can customize your alert preferences, so you only receive alerts that care about most.

  1. Open Settings and select More Settings > Alerts.
  2. Select a location.
  3. Tap Customize Preferences.
  4. Toggle ON or OFF to customize your alert preferences.
  5. Tap the Back arrow or Close button to save your alert preferences.

How can I find an emergency shelter with the mobile app?

Finding a shelter is critical for safety during or after a disaster.  You can find a listing of active emergency shelters in the Recover section of the FEMA App. 

  1. Open the app and select Recover from the footer navigation.
  2. Tap on Find an Emergency Shelter.
  3. Select a location to pull up driving directions.

Similarly, you can text SHELTER and your ZIP code to 43362 (e.g. Shelter 12345) to receive up to three active emergency shelters closest to you.

Who can I contact for assistance with the app?

For app suggestions and/or technical assistance, please contact the app team at

For help applying for Individual Assistance, please contact

How is the information I provide in the app used? Is it shared with third parties?

The information that you provide in the app is to create a personalized and welcoming experience. The FEMA app does not collect or track any personally identifiable information.  The data is not linked to you.

The FEMA App does not share data with any third-party service.  The app does collect usage and diagnostic data. This data is not linked to your identity.

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