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Reports & Evaluations from the Community Assistance Program – State Support Services Element

2017 CAP-SSSE Evaluation

At the outset of federal Fiscal Year (FY) 2017, FPMD completed a comprehensive evaluation of the CAP-SSSE program. The goal of the CAP-SSSE program evaluation was to assess the program’s efficiency and effectiveness in developing State programs to perform the duties and responsibilities of State Coordinating Agencies as described in 44 CFR 60.25.

The supporting evaluation objectives were to better understand and articulate:

  • The overall program goals and strengths, challenges, opportunities, and risks;
  • How important and influential guidance from FEMA as well as State preference and priorities are in driving how States plan work and apply for funding under CAP-SSSE;
  • The process, including the information/data, strategic considerations, external drivers, or other inputs, FEMA uses to ultimately determine how much funding each State receives each year;
  • How Cooperative Agreements are finalized, including what broader strategies are employed to ensure the appropriate work is completed across the entire Region, what negotiations occur between FEMA and the States, and which elements of Cooperative Agreements are driven by FEMA versus those that are driven by the States; and
  • The degree to which States execute what is explicitly written in their Cooperative Agreements each year; the types of support and oversight FEMA provides to States throughout their Period of Performance (PoP); and the way State performance and contribution to program goals is measured.

Download the 2017 Evaluation

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