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Rehabilitation Of High Hazard Potential Dam (HHPD) Grant Program

The President signed the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act or the “WIIN Act,” on December 16, 2016, which adds a new grant program under FEMA’s National Dam Safety Program (33 U.S.C. 467f). Section 5006 of the Act, Rehabilitation of High Hazard Potential Dams, provides technical, planning, design, and construction assistance in the form of grants for rehabilitation of eligible high hazard potential dams.

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High Hazard Potential is a classification standard for any dam whose failure or mis-operation will cause loss of human life and significant property destruction.

Grant Awards

The High Hazard Potential Dam Grant (HHPD) awards provide technical, planning, design and construction assistance in the form of grants for rehabilitation of eligible high hazard potential dams. A state or territory with an enacted dam safety program, the State Administrative Agency, or an equivalent state agency, is eligible for the grant.

Fiscal Year 2021

In FY21, FEMA was appropriated $12 million to continue the Rehabilitation of High Hazard Potential Dams Grant.

View the Notice of Funding Opportunity for more information.

Fiscal Years 2020 & 2019

In both FY2020 and FY2019, FEMA was appropriated $10 million in grant program funding.

See all grant award information, including individual awards, for FY2020 & FY2019.

Learn More About the HHPD Grant Program

Explore the details your state, local, tribal and territorial government needs to apply.

Understand what's expected and required of the awardee and FEMA.

Look up definitions for commonly used terms in the grant application and administration process.

Learn about the requirements your dam must meet to receive a grant.

Find guidance for after you have been awarded a grant.

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Have questions? Email the HHPD helpline.

Additional Resources

Document & Resource Library

Visit our document library for additional HHPD Grant Resources, including:

  • Policy Guidance
  • Fact Sheets, Checklists and FAQs
  • PowerPoint Presentations
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Mitigation Planning Information

Learn more about Hazard Mitigation Planning and How to Create a Mitigation Plan.

Contact Us

  • Questions about the application process: Email the HHPD Helpline.
  • Technical issues with non-disaster (ND) grants: Contact the ND Service Desk by email or call 1-800-865-4076.
  • Questions about requirements for state, local, and/or tribal mitigation plans: Contact your FEMA regional office.