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About the Cooperating Technical Partners Program

Vision and Mission

Goals and Objectives

Benefits of Participation in the CTP Program

Annual CTP Snapshot

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Our Vision and Mission

The Cooperating Technical Partners (CTP) Program’s mission is to strengthen the effectiveness of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and support FEMA’s mitigation objectives. The CTP Program leverages partnerships to deliver high-quality hazard identification and risk assessment products, provide outreach support and empower communities to take action to reduce risk based on informed, multi hazard-based data and resources. This is in support of FEMA’s Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP) Program.

FEMA supports a CTP Program with CTP partnership capability growth and leveraged local community-level experience, data, and funding. By becoming a CTP, a partner formalizes its contribution and commitment to the program, ensuring better overall flood risk identification and community protection through the development of reliable and up-to-date flood maps and community outreach.

CTP Program MissionRisk MAP Mission
Strengthening the effectiveness of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and supporting FEMA's mitigation objectives by leveraging partnerships.Leveraging partnerships, Risk MAP focuses on collaboration with state, tribal and local entities.
Delivering high-quality hazard identification and risk assessment products (and data).Delivering quality data.
Providing outreach support and empowering communities to take action to reduce risk based on informed multi-hazard based data and resources.Increasing public awareness, which leads to action that reduces risk to life and property.

Goals and Objectives

The CTP Program’s overall objective is to update the nation’s flood maps. FEMA developed these priorities for partners to consider when joining the program.


  • Maximizing limited public funding by combining resources, including technical assistance and training, to align state, local, regional, tribal and territorial goals with FEMA’s national objectives.
  • Maintaining national standards consistent with regulations of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
  • Building and maintaining partner capabilities through training, mentoring, and sharing best practices.
  • Implementing outreach strategies to increase awareness and education about flood risk in communities.
  • Aligning mitigation projects and best practices to increase all-hazards protection to communities.
  • Supporting FEMA’s Strategic Plan goals to increase flood insurance policies and mitigation funding.
  • Incorporating Community Rating System (CRS) elements into mitigation plans and floodplain ordinances.
  • Increasing community resilience to flooding and other hazards through communications and mapping efforts.
  • Capability through training and technical assistance to communities.
  • Using data from local permitting, planning and other efforts to facilitate floodplain management.
  • Utilizing local experience and knowledge from partners to facilitate mentoring of partners that are willing to develop the ability to maintain flood hazard information.

CTP Program Five-Year Operations Plan

FEMA established five main goals for the program as part of the Cooperating Technical Partners (CTP) Program Five-Year Operations Plan for 2017-2021. The goals are data-driven initiatives developed by an Operations Plan Integrated Planning Team (Ops Plan IPT), who analyzed the survey respondent data and systematically decided that these five goals provided a good focus for the CTP Program in order to both improve and shape the future of the program, its effectiveness, and how the program enhances the customer experience.

The five goals for 2017 through 2021 focus on:

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Improving Training and Development

The CTP Training Program offers webinars, online E-learning, in-person training and mentoring.

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Evaluating and Developing Risk MAP Tools and Resources

The CTP Collaboration Center houses reports, tools, best practices, training, and other programmatic information. CTPs who register for access to the Collaboration Center get a subscription to the CTP Collaboration Monthly.

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Implementing Collaboration Strategies

Peer-to-peer collaboration.

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Integrating Performance Measurement

The CTP Program enhancing its reporting capabilities to better manage and oversee grant performance.

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Enhancing Communications and Local Engagement

Leveraging useful communications products to help CTPs with project planning and management.

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FEMA is currently in the process of planning the next five years (2022-2027) based on stakeholder input collected through the 2020 Feedback Survey.

Benefits of Participating in the Program

Benefits for CTPs who participate in the program include:

  • The opportunity to interject a tailored local focus into a national program, which pools resources and extends the productivity of limited public funds.
  • Recognizing partners that are actively working to identify and map their flood risk while incorporating this information into official FEMA flood hazard data.
  • Increased recognition across the Risk MAP Program through the CTP Recognition Program.
  • Mentoring support, shared best practices, online resources and training to achieve more efficient and effective flood risk development.
  • Training opportunities.

Annual CTP Snapshot

Each year, FEMA develops the CTP Snapshot to provide a year-end synopsis of the CTP Program. The Snapshot identifies FEMA's financial investment in the CTP Program and highlights partners' contributions to enhance the impact of flood hazard mapping and other flood risk reducing investments. The 'By the Numbers' section describes the amount of funding invested and the expected outputs from those investments.

Map of the United States separated by FEMA Regions. Region 1. Region 2: $1.4 million. Region 3: 2.3 million. Region 4: $21.4 million. Region 5: $9.1 million. Region 6: $8.2 million. Region 7: $19.5 million. Region 8: $27.5 million. Region 9: $2.2 million. Region 10: $6.6 million.
View FY22 CTP Snapshot

The Snapshot also includes acknowledgment of the top nominees of the CTP Recognition Program, contacts, and other relevant program information. The Partner Insert, a PowerPoint template offering several design options, is for individual CTPs to create a synopsis specifically about their efforts. It can be used in print or digital form, on its own or alongside the Snapshot. The full suite of materials related to the CTP Snapshot, including the Partner Insert, are available for download.

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If you are interested in accessing the full suite and customizing the CTP Annual Snapshot with your organization’s information, please contact your FEMA Regional CTP Point of Contact.