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Region 1 - Environmental Documents and Public Notices

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Final Environmental Assessments

An Environmental Assessment (EA) is prepared for certain FEMA projects to meet the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act. An EA is a concise public document that provides evidence and analysis for determining the extent of the impacts of a proposed action and reasonable alternative actions. FEMA will use the findings in an EA to determine whether to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).

Vermont River Conservancy Floodplain Restoration Environmental Assessment

Vermont River Conservancy Floodplain Restoration FONSI

Final Supplemental Environmental Assessment, Town of Oak Bluffs Resilient, Infrastructure for East Chop Drive, Town of Oak Bluffs, Dukes County, Massachusetts, PDMC-PJ-01-MA-2018-001

Main Street and South Broadway Flood Control Project EA and FONSI 

FONSI Furnace Brook Restoration Project-Quincy, Norfolk County, MA

FINAL Environmental Assessment Miller Street, Cross Street and Furnance Avenue Area Flood Control and Furnace Brook Restoration Project - Quincy, Norfolk County, MA

Environmental Assessment for Fort Kent Blockhouse Levee Extension Project, Fort Kent, Aroostook County, ME (HMGP 4208-DR-ME)

Environmental Assessment for MacMillan Pier Floating Wave Attenuator and Select Dredging Project; Provincetown, Massachusetts (FEMA-DR-4110-MA)

Supplemental Environmental Assessment for Roxbury Fish Culture Station, Roxbury Washington County, VT (DR 4022 VT, Public Assistance Grant Program)

Environmental Assessment Roxbury Fish Culture Station, Roxbury, Washington County, VT

Draft Assessments

Draft Environmental Assessment, Vermont Route 9 Whetstone Brook, Flood Mitigation Project, Marlboro/ Brattleboro, Windham, Vermont

Draft Environmental Assessment, Whetstone Brook Floodplain Restoration, Windham County, Brattleboro, Vermont, VRC-DR-4330, December 2, 2021

Draft Environmental Assessment City of Boston Resilient Fort Point Channel Infrastructure Project City of Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts PDMC-PJ-01-MA-2019-008 October 2021

Draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment Town of Oak Bluffs Resilient Infrastructure for East Chop Drive

Draft Environmental Assessment Middlebury River Flood Mitigation Project - Addison County, Vermont (DR-4022-VT-141-R)

Draft Environmental Assessment Miller Street, Cross Street and Furnace Avenue Area Flood Control and Furnace Brook Restoration Project  - Quincy, Norfolk County, MA

FONSI Draft Duxbury Seawall

Draft Environmental Assessment for Melrose Terrace Demolition and Floodplain Restoration, Brattleboro, Windham County, VT (PDMC-PJ-01-VT-2016-001)

Public Notices

FEMA is required by law to provide public notice of the agency’s intent to provide federal assistance and grant opportunities post-disaster via the Public Assistance (PA), Individual Assistance (IA), or Hazard Mitigation Grant (HMGP) programs. FEMA is also required to engage in appropriate levels of public involvement for federal actions that require compliance under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), EO11988: Floodplain Management, EO11990: Wetlands Protection, and EO12898: Environmental Justice.

Initial Public Notice DR4329-NH

Initial Public Notice for DR4330-VT

Public Notice Major Disaster Declaration FEMA-4316-DR-NH

Weeks Crossing Dam Reconstruction

Quincy Seawall EA

Finding of No Significant Impact for Merrimack River Bank Stabilization, Chelmsford, Middlesex, MA

ECOS Environmental Center Forest Park, Springfield, MA DR 1994 MA September 26, 2014