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Managing Grants and Financing

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Disaster Financial Management Guide: The Guide identifies the capabilities and activities necessary to prepare and successfully implement disaster financial management while maintaining fiscal responsibility throughout response and recovery operations.

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Guides, Reports and Tools

Financial Recovery: ​Succinct document from a trusted source on assessing your community's financial need after a disaster, creating a fundraising strategy, and managing money in a transparent way 

The Community Resilience Economic Guide: This guide produced by NIST provides standard economic methodology for evaluating investment decisions aimed at improving the ability of communities to adapt to, withstand, and quickly recovery from disruptive events.

Hazard Mitigation Assistance: This database explains what hazard mitigation is and provides links to assistance. The three forms of assistance that FEMA provides for Hazard Mitigation are the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program (PDM), and Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant Program (FMA).

Six Perspectives on How Communities Can Recover After a Disaster: ​Six Local Recovery Managers give their opinions on what makes for effective, long-term recovery.

HUD Exchange—Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery ProgramIncludes all program requirements for the Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) grant programs to help cities, counties, and states recover from Presidentially declared disasters, rebuild the affected areas, and provide crucial seed money to start the recovery process for a broad range of recovery activities. That page includes the CDBG-DR Toolkit, which is a helpful resource for communities to launch or implement CDBG-DR. A new component of the HUD disaster recovery funding programs is the National Disaster Resilience Competition.

Federal Disaster Recovery Funding: Minimizing Roadblocks to Maximize Resources: A guide for local and state economic recovery stakeholders on how to remove roadblocks to using federal funds for economic recovery purposes. Local communities can use this information to expedite their economic recovery efforts after a disaster. 

Financial Planning for Disasters: A Workbook for Local Governments and Regions: This workbook is designed to help local governments and regions understand their financial vulnerabilities to natural disasters, evaluate their financial capacity to cover the costs of those disasters, identify strategies to close the gap between financial vulnerability and capacity, and identify and address the spillover effects of neighboring local governments’ financial vulnerabilities to disasters.

Benchmarking and Local Government Reserve Funds: Theory Versus Practice: This guidance helps local governments preserve their ability to provide such services in times of financial crises.

Disaster Grantmaking: Council on Foundations: Provides guidance to local government and organizations on basic tips for disaster giving, disaster recovery resources, recovery planning guidance, and other valuable information.

Local Grant Writing Guide: A Process to Request Recovery Assistance: A FEMA produced this guide about grant writing. This includes a sample cover letter and budget.


Restore Your Economy Webinars: Series of webinars focused on financial disaster recovery and the economy.

Financial Planning for Disasters Webinar: This webinar helped participants consider their local governments’ financial vulnerability as well as their capacity to respond to future natural disasters based on research and lessons learned responding to tropical natural disasters along the Gulf Coast of the United States.