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The National Continuity Training Program (NCTP) was created in accordance with National Continuity Policy direction to develop, lead, and conduct a continuity training program. The NCTP, part of FEMA’s National Continuity Programs (NCP), is charged with leading an effective and efficient whole community continuity training program that ensures federal, state, local, tribal, territorial governments, and whole community partners become more resilient and better prepared to successfully sustain essential functions during a disaster.

NCTP works in partnership with FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI), FEMA Regions, and whole community stakeholders to manage, develop, and execute continuity training courses.

How to Register for Training

To apply, go to the FEMA National Emergency Training Center (NETC) Online Admissions Application page to find a list of what is needed to complete the application process. Registration for any EMI course requires having a FEMA Student Identification (SID) number. To obtain a FEMA SID, go to the Student Identification System page.

National Continuity Training Program Instructor Cadre

Stakeholders interested in instructing continuity courses must be a member of the National Certified Continuity Instructor Cadre. The National Continuity Training Program (NCTP) established instructor cadre requirements and an approval process as part of the cadre qualification. The certified cadre is meant for those instructors who are committed to supporting the NCTP with continuity course delivery. Personnel will be vetted through a revised process that includes meeting minimum instructor requirements, and an electronic application process that includes a 30-minute teaching demonstration. 

At a minimum, instructors must meet the following criteria:

  • Have continuity responsibilities in their current day-to-day job (as demonstrated by resume);
  • Possess a Continuity Excellence Series Master Continuity Practitioner (Level II) Certificate;
  • Completed Instructional Presentation and Evaluation Skills Course (E/L 141), Instructor Training Certification (PER-266), or equivalent. (Equivalent instructional methodology courses will be approved on a case by case basis);
  • Completed 1301 and 1302 Train-the-Trainer (TtT) Workshops through National Continuity Programs (instructors only wishing to teach 1301, need only complete the 1301 TtT Workshop);
  • Receive written approval from NCTP upon completion of the Electronic Application Process (outlined below); and
  • Instructors must instruct twice per calendar year to maintain approval.

Electronic Application Process

The application process to become a lead or assistant instructor is completed in two parts: an electronic application submission and a virtual training demonstration. Applicant instructors should submit the following documentation to the email box:

  • Cover letter listing the courses requesting approval to instruct;
  • Resume outlining continuity experience;
  • Documentation necessary to demonstrate meeting the minimum instructor requirements (e.g. Level II certificate);
  • Email or letter of approval from FEMA Regional Continuity Manager (RCM) or designee; and
  • A 30-minute teaching demonstration video or a request for live virtual demonstration appointment.
    • All training demonstrations will use a slide deck provided by NCTP.