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Bringing Resources to State, Local, Tribal & Territorial Governments

Supporting Reopening

FEMA Financial Support

New Policies & Guidance

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Tribal Governments

Defense Production Act

National Guard Activation

FEMA Administrator Letters

On March 13, 2020, the President declared a nationwide emergency for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic for all states, tribes, territories, and the District of Columbia under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act.

Looking for guidance and best practices for responding to COVID-19 and other disasters? Visit our Best Practices page and review our Pandemic Operational Guidance for the 2020 Hurricane Season.

FEMA Financial Support

State, local, tribal, and territorial government entities and certain private non-profit organizations can apply for Public Assistance (PA) reimbursements for emergency protective measures taken during the pandemic.

In the Process of Applying for a FEMA Grant?

Review COVID-19 supplemental funding opportunities for Fiscal Year 2020:

Get the latest information on funding opportunities and answers to frequently asked questions.

Already Have a FEMA Grant?

Learn about additional flexibilities (exceptions) to provide administrative relief to financial assistance recipients affected by the loss of operational capacity and increased costs due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Get help implementing good financial management for COVID-19 and other incident response and recovery with our new Disaster Financial Management Guide and accompanying Fact Sheet.

New Policies and Guidance

FEMA has issued guidance for responding to COVID-19:

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Understand the rules for using FEMA funds to contract emergency response services and exceptions that apply under exigent or emergency circumstances.

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Learn about non-congregate sheltering other unique considerations when developing mass care and emergency assistance plans during a pandemic.

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Read the policy on purchasing and distributing food as an emergency protective measure during COVID-19 and review new guidance from FEMA and HHS on meeting nutritional needs for at-risk individuals.

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Get help developing and coordinating plans to resume operations and conducting workshops on preparedness in a pandemic.

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Plan how to respond to other hazards during a pandemic.

FEMA Administrator Letters

Bringing Resources to State, Local, Tribal & Territorial Governments | FEMA.gov

Read FEMA Administrator Pete Gaynor’s letters to emergency managers about critical steps to take in this whole-of-America crisis response.

Supporting Reopening

FEMA, HHS and federal partners are supporting the White House Guidelines to Opening Up America Again with resources and programs:


Patient Care

Planning Resources

  • FEMA is sharing best practices, tools and resources that help emergency managers respond to COVID-19, plan for recovery, and respond to other emergencies during the pandemic.
  • The HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) is sharing healthcare planning resources for COVID-19 response and recovery.
  • The CDC has guidelines, resources and tools to help states, tribes and territories identify new cases, break chains of transmission, and protect first responders and health care workers from infection.
  • FEMA and HHS released a Community Mitigation Decision Support Tool to help government officials determine whether community mitigation should be adjusted.

Professional Association Resources

Find COVID-19 specific resource pages with organizations that support state and local governments:

Tribal Governments

Federally recognized tribal governments have several options for COVID-19 related FEMA assistance.

  • Public assistance may be requested under the nationwide emergency declaration or through a major disaster declaration.
  • Crisis counseling is available to states that meet certain criteria. Tribal members that live inside those states will have access.

Each of the ten FEMA regions has Regional Tribal Liaisons to coordinate and connect tribes with FEMA leadership and program subject matter experts for information, technical assistance and resources.

Learn More

Defense Production Act

The Defense Production Act (DPA) gives the President the authority to work with the private sector to prioritize federal government contracts and to allocate materials to aid the national defense, including emergency response and preparedness activities.

President Trump issued an Executive Order on March 18 and a memorandum on April 3 outlining use of the Defense Production Act in response to COVID-19. Since then, the Department of Health and Human Service (HHS) has rated contracts under the DPA to multiple companies for ventilators and FEMA has also issued a DPA enabled production order to 3M for 10 million N95 respirators.

Learn More

National Guard Activation Under Title 32

On March 22, President Trump directed the Secretary of Defense to permit full federal reimbursement through FEMA for states’ use of their National Guard forces.

The President’s action provides Governors continued command of their National Guard forces, while being federally funded under Title 32. Each state’s National Guard is still under the authority of the Governor and is working in concert with the Department of Defense.

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Last updated Jul 31, 2020

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