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Some Flood Survivors may be Eligible to Purchase Their MHU

Manufactured Housing Units provided by FEMA to some Louisiana flood survivors were never intended to be a permanent housing solution. The initial 18-month housing program ended February 2018, but was extended until May 15, 2018 at the governor’s request.

As of Feb. 21, there were 1,230 households remaining in MHUs. By the time the MHU program ends, most occupants will have found permanent housing.

FEMA may offer a limited number of eligible occupants the opportunity to purchase the MHU they occupy. Conditions apply.

• Only survivors in communities that allow the permanent placement of an MHU will be asked if they are interested in purchasing a unit. FEMA estimates there are about 500 occupants who may be eligible.

  •  All units must be in compliance with local or parish codes and ordinances. If the units are not in compliance, they will not be a part of the sales program.
  • Upon completion of the sale, the survivor and/or members of the survivor’s household will no longer be eligible to receive FEMA housing assistance for this declared event.
  •  If the occupant fails to maintain property/casualty and flood insurance on the unit they will be ineligible for future financial disaster assistance from FEMA.

• Some MHUs may need elevation to meet regulations based on the community’s flood maps.

  • FEMA may set the units at the community’s Design Flood Elevation prior to sale, but not higher than the recommended height set by the manufacturer.  The unit will only be sold in areas where the DFE is at or below the manufacturer’s recommended height.

Survivors who may qualify to purchase the MHU in which they live are those who:
• Lack a permanent housing solution, through no fault of their own.
• Lack other available affordable housing or rental options in the area.
• Are in compliance with the rules and conditions of the Revocable License, which they each agreed to as a condition of receiving a MHU.
• Have legal ownership of the property where the MHU sits or have a legal lease for the property.
• Agree to provide hazard and flood insurance for the unit.
• Understand that if the MHU is in a FEMA group site, it must be relocated within 30 days of the sale.
• Assume all responsibilities after the sale, financial and otherwise, to move the unit from a FEMA group site including maintaining and repairing functionality of the MHU.
• Understand the payment of utilities will be their responsibility once the sale has been completed.
• Understand all units are sold “as is, where is” with no implied warranties of any kind. Each sale is handled on a case-by-case basis.
• Pay for the unit by cashier’s check or money order at the time of sale.
• Understand the only unit they can purchase is the unit they are currently occupying.

FEMA and the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management have been in contact with parish presidents, mayors and other appropriate representatives to give them notice of the anticipated implementation of the sales program.

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