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Mobile Home Occupants May Return Home Before Repairs Are Complete

Following Louisiana’s August 2016 floods, FEMA provided temporary housing to survivors whose homes were not safe, sanitary and functional. Occupants of FEMA-provided mobile homes who are still repairing flood-damaged homes may meet those standards and be ready to move back sooner than they realize.

  • A home may be safe, sanitary and functional even if repair work—such as installing floor covering or non-essential items like dishwashers and cleaning ceiling stains—remains.
  • Safe, sanitary and functional means:
    • The exterior is structurally sound, including the doors, roof and windows.
    • The interior’s habitable areas are structurally sound, including the ceiling and floors.
    • The electricity, gas, heat, plumbing and sewer and septic systems function properly.
    • The home is accessible.
    • The home is capable of operating for its intended purpose.
  • Occupants should keep their FEMA representative informed about the status of their home repairs to learn what steps to take next.
  • FEMA is responsible for uninstalling, hauling away and cleaning mobile homes.
  • Mobile homes that pass safety and quality inspections may then be used to help disaster survivors in other parts of the country.
    • About 200 FEMA mobile homes vacated by Louisiana flood survivors are now available for other states’ disaster needs. This number will continue to rise as survivors here return home or find other suitable housing.

FEMA’s mobile home program ends in February 2018, but approximately 1,900 households have already recovered and returned to a repaired home or found other suitable permanent housing. This number rises daily.

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10/16/2017 - 11:46