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2018-08-10 13:46 - News Release

ANNISTON, Ala. – Flooding is Alabama’s second-most common natural hazard, occurring on average every 12 days. The state receives about 56 inches of rainfall annually, creating a high risk of riverine and flash flooding. Between the Gulf Coast’s tropical storms and the numerous rivers and streams, the potential for flooding in Alabama is ever-present.  

2018-08-10 13:43 - News Release

Anniston, Ala. – Recovery in the Alabama communities affected by the tornadoes and storms of March 19-20 has topped $6.65 million in federal disaster assistance as FEMA announces a grant in excess of $940,000 (federal share) to the State of Alabama that will reimburse the City of Jacksonville for debris removal. With state and local contributions added, the grant will amount to more than $1.25 million. 

2018-08-03 16:54 - News Release

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2018-07-11 17:57 - News Release

Anniston, Ala. - Magnum Waldrop of Attalla is a busy guy. Not only is he working on an EMT certification, he is one of eight Alabamians who are working for FEMA to help local governments and persons affected by the March 19-20 storms and tornadoes.   

2018-06-18 17:33 - News Release

ANNISTON, Ala. — If you are a survivor of the tornadoes and severe storms that struck Alabama’s Calhoun, Cullman and Etowah counties March 19-20, you have a week to register for federal disaster assistance. The registration deadline is Monday, June 25 at 11:59 p.m.

2018-06-15 13:30 - News Release

ANNISTON, Ala.  – Time’s growing short for citizens in Calhoun, Cullman and Etowah counties who had damages or losses due to the March 19-20 tornadoes and storms; you have less than two weeks to apply for FEMA disaster assistance.  The deadline to register with FEMA is 11:59 p.m., Monday, June 25.  

2018-06-12 19:20 - News Release

Anniston, Ala. -- Jacksonville State University (JSU) was among the hardest hit by the March 19-20 tornadoes and storms that struck the state and led to the president declaring a major disaster for Calhoun, Cullman, Etowah and St. Clair counties for Public Assistance.  

2018-06-11 14:07 - News Release

ANNISTON, Ala. – Even though the Alabama EMA/FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers are closed, help is still available for persons and families in Calhoun, Cullman and Etowah counties who suffered damage in the March 19-20 tornadoes and severe storms. 

2018-06-07 15:09 - News Release

When disasters occur in the United States or its territories, the federal government, through FEMA, can step in to assist residents, state and local governments get back on their feet.  

2018-06-05 14:34 - News Release

ANNISTON, Ala. – The FEMA/State Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) in Calhoun and Cullman counties will close permanently at 6 p.m., Friday, June 8.  You still have time to visit one of these DRCs if you want to meet with a FEMA or U.S. Small Business Administration representative. The DRCs are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and are located at: