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Voluntary Agencies Leading and Organizing Repairs (VALOR)

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The Voluntary Agencies Leading and Organizing Repair program, or VALOR, provides operational support to voluntary agencies performing work and services essential to sustaining life and protecting health, safety and property. Voluntary agencies perform minor emergency repairs to homes that enable residents to return or remain in their homes for shelter while permanent repairs are completed. FEMA pays for the materials and supplies.

How it Works

Voluntary agencies perform minor home repairs such as:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Weatherproofing, including roofs, walls and windows
  • Removing disaster-related debris to enable workers to safely enter, inspect and perform the minor home repairs
  • Minor interior and/or exterior work to provide safe access, including stairs and ramps to the home
  • Work necessary to ensure safe shelter for individuals with disabilities and/or access and functional needs.  
  • Securing broken windows and repairing or replacing nonfunctioning exterior and/or necessary interior doors

VALOR Approval Process

The voluntary agency’s information listed below will be considered in the approval process:

  • Mission
  • Work history conducting home repairs
  • Disaster history
  • Relationships with VOAD member organizations
  • Current ruling letter from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service granting tax exemption under sections 501(c), (d) or (e) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or
  • Documentation from a state or the government of Puerto Rico substantiating it is a non-revenue producing, nonprofit entity organized or doing business under the law.

Program Considerations

  • The VALOR program does not replace or preclude the implementation of any other FEMA assistance programs.
  • Community leaders may refer survivors with homes in need of minor repairs to the VALOR program through the FEMA Intergovernmental Affairs Liaison.
  • Volunteer agencies without 501(c), (d), or (e) tax exempt status may participate by partnering with an approved VALOR participant voluntary agency with 501(c), (d) or (e) tax exempt status to obtain materials.
  • The VALOR program encourages the voluntary agency to coordinate through information sharing and to reach out to other organizations.

Participating Voluntary Agency Responsibilities

The VALOR program will require:

  • Obtaining a signed Right of Entry agreement for each dwelling for the type of work to be performed
  • Obtaining a signed liability agreement for each dwelling for the type of work to be performed
  • Submitting a signed Letter of Commitment to the VALOR program stating that the voluntary agency understands the mission, program procedures and reporting requirements of the VALOR program.
  • Commitment to reporting on work that is in progress or completed.

How to Participate

Voluntary agencies can request to be an approved FEMA VALOR voluntary agency by sending an email to

After FEMA approves voluntary agencies, they may request materials and equipment to conduct minor home repairs from FEMA via a Material Request Form.


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