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2019-10-30 15:11 - News Release

AUSTIN, Texas — Billy Capers’ mobile home in La Grange was completely submerged by Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters in 2017.  “The first time they let us back to the house, it was just goop,” said Billy’s mother, Sharon Kramer. “You could tell it had been totally up to the ceiling.” 

2019-10-17 16:15 - News Release

AUSTIN, Texas – More than two years after Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast, some children in Orange County are still struggling as they try to deal with loss and change. To help combat these feelings and prepare children for future events, Orange County Disaster Rebuild, a long-term recovery group, sponsored Camp Noah at the North Orange Baptist Church this summer.  

2019-10-10 20:16 - News Release

A former golf course is now an innovative park designed to hold 500 million gallons of stormwater AUSTIN, Texas — Hurricane Harvey flooded thousands of Texas homes in August 2017, but about 150 in Clear Lake City stayed dry because of an innovative collaboration between the local water authority and the community.  

2019-10-03 16:54 - News Release

AUSTIN, Texas – Like everyone else, business owners need to prepare for potential disasters, and buying a policy from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a great place to begin those preparations.Business owners can purchase up to $500,000 in coverage for buildings and up to $500,000 for business content coverage through the NFIP. Direct physical damage to a building, such as foundations, pumping systems and water heaters, or contents, such as furniture and fixtures, from a flood is covered by the policy.

2019-09-30 16:15 - News Release

AUSTIN, Texas – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded nearly $2 million to the city of Galveston through the Texas Division of Emergency Management to fund Phase I of a new storm drain system located between 14th and 18th streets. The funds will help cover costs for permitting, engineering, design, environmental assessment and construction engineering services toward the development of this project. 

2019-09-25 15:22 - News Release

40 homes for Hurricane Harvey survivors are being built through donations and volunteer labor AUSTIN, Texas — Forty Victoria County families whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Harvey will soon trade their damaged homes for brand new ones in a neighborhood built for Harvey survivors, Hope Meadows. 

2019-09-12 16:43 - News Release

During National Preparedness Month, make sure you can outsmart the scammers AUSTIN, Texas — Part of being prepared for disaster is knowing how to protect yourself from criminals who prey on people in vulnerable situations. 

2019-09-10 20:52 - News Release

AUSTIN, Texas — FEMA promotes National Preparedness Month each September because preparation saves lives and prevents loss. Taking a few minutes now can make a life-changing difference when disaster strikes. 

2019-09-09 19:30 - News Release

AUSTIN, Texas – If you received flood insurance as part of your FEMA disaster assistance for Hurricane Harvey, you only have one year remaining on your National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) group insurance policy. Planning to renew your NFIP policy purchase is a great way to prepare for future disasters and protect you and your family from financial loss.  

2019-09-06 15:45 - News Release

Week 1 of National Preparedness Month reminds us to prepare financially for the unexpected AUSTIN, Texas — Flooding is the most common and costly natural disaster in the United States, and nearly every major Texas city is vulnerable to hurricanes or sits in “Flash Flood Alley,” one of the most flash flood-prone areas in the nation.