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2015-03-24 13:52 - Blog Entry

 One year after the devastating SR530 slide struck the community of Oso, Washington, the loss and devastation to the communities throughout the Stillaguamish Valley still cannot be understated. On Sunday March 22, 2015 families, communities, volunteers and responders came together for the one year remembrance of the SR530 landslide to honor and remember the 43 lives lost that day. 

2014-06-11 21:46 - News Release

A visit to hurricane-battered Louisiana inspired prompt digital planning after the SR 530 Slide that will sustain communications needs for the long haul.

2014-06-06 20:44 - Blog Entry

The Sounds of Recovery: We’re ListeningWe’re listening, and all around, we hear the sounds of recovery. Like the sounds of silence, the sounds of recovery can be as profound as the devastation surrounding it. We’re listening, and by the sounds we are hearing, we see hope – all around.  Here are three signs of some of the recovery work happening in Washington:The SR 530 Slide song created by local residents served as one source of healing for all survivors.

2014-06-05 18:00 - News Release

It has been 75 days since the SR 530 slide took the lives of dozens and left thousands without access to their normal routes traveled for work, medical purposes and other critical life necessities. As recovery continues, here is a look back at 10 stories about the work of tireless emergency workers, volunteers and community organizers.$1.7 million

2014-06-04 23:05 - News Release


2014-06-04 22:46 - News Release

EVERETT, Wash. – Girls who lost friends in the SR 530 slide sang out their feelings in a song they wrote with the help of Grammy-winning musician Star Nayea and Sauk-Suiattle elder Mary Jack, enrolled at Tulalip.The girls represented the Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe, Tulalip tribes and the town of Darrington at a community meeting in Darrington on April 3 – by singing their song “Oso Strong, Highway 530.”

2014-05-29 22:41 - News Release

Students have been helping with the SR 530 Slide recovery. One example is in Mill Creek, Wash., where a broadcast team of seven students from Henry M. Jackson High School produced one of the first newscasts that told the story of the SR 530 Slide.

2014-05-23 19:02 - Updates

The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance National Response Team hosted a “Care for Caregivers” workshop on May 14-15 at the Joint Field Office in Everett, where the Washington Emergency Management Division, FEMA and other federal agencies are partnering together in SR 530 Slide recovery.

2014-05-22 23:32 - Updates

Wide Range of Resources Triggered by Presidential Disaster Declaration Since April 2, when President Obama signed a major disaster declaration for Snohomish County – including the lands associated with the Sauk-Suiattle, Stillaguamish, and Tulalip Tribes – the Washington Emergency Management Agency (WA EMD) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have continued partnering in response and recovery from the SR 530 Slide.

2014-05-21 16:40 - Updates

The Washington Emergency Management Division (WA EMD) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) continue working to ensure that every eligible SR 530 Slide survivor receives the full amount of grant assistance for which they qualify. Other federal and state agencies and private nonprofit and non-governmental groups provide grants, loans and other forms of support to help recovery from disasters of all kinds.Artisans and Crafters  Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF)