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2018-11-29 16:05 - News Release

A rare discovery of intact historical archaeological sites in Colorado Springs has offered a glimpse into the life of the man who founded Colorado Springs.  It has also highlighted the importance of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation program.

2018-09-07 22:14 - News Release

DENVER – Five years after the historic Colorado floods, evidence of recovery can be found across the Centennial State as roads are rebuilt and communities regain their vibrancy. Yet the lasting marks of the floods are not merely evidenced through reconstruction activity, but also in the number of locals who contributed to the response and recovery by FEMA.

2018-09-07 18:35 - News Release

  FEMA Public Assistance Program OverviewThe FEMA Public Assistance program provides funding for emergency actions undertaken by communities as well as aid to repair or replace damaged public infrastructure, such as roads and bridges. FEMA has obligated $343,644,427 to 221 Public Assistance applicants, helping communities rebuild.

2018-09-07 16:26 - News Release

  FEMA Mitigation OverviewHazard Mitigation Grant Program

2018-05-30 15:57 - News Release

DENVER – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has announced a federal grant for the State of Colorado that makes $1,000,008.90 available to the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife.This grant is one of many federal grants that resulted from a presidential disaster declaration for severe storms, tornadoes, flooding and mudslides that occurred in May and June, 2015, affecting 14 Colorado counties. A total of more than $21 million dollars has been provided to the affected communities.

2015-03-18 22:18 - News Release

DENVER – The FEMA temporary housing mission serving Colorado came to a close March 14, 2015.  In the aftermath of the 2013 Colorado flooding, FEMA brought in more than 50 manufactured homes to areas where a severe housing shortage was identified. In the past month, the final few remaining households have been moving out of the FEMA units.

2014-09-11 13:47 - Blog Entry

It’s been nearly a year since the massive flooding that struck several areas of Colorado.  With little forewarning, heavy rains left streams and rivers swollen.  The images in the aftermath of this dramatic event remain striking: communities isolated as entire roads were washed away, homes destroyed by the torrent of water, and streams and rivers that changed course entirely.

2014-09-08 17:45 - News Release


2014-09-08 16:45 - News Release

FEMA Public Assistance Program Overview (as of August 25, 2014) The FEMA Public Assistance program provides funding for emergency actions undertaken by communities as well as aid to repair or replace damaged public infrastructure.

2014-09-08 16:35 - News Release

DENVER – When Colorado’s historic rains fell last September, help came quickly. Resources went to areas that needed it most thanks, in part, to the innovative work of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Region VIII Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) unit in Denver.