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Contracting With FEMA

On March 14th, FEMA Region IV staff offered a briefing, Emergency Response Contracting Opportunities, to mostly Tribal vendors. With follow-up training on March 15th, attendees received valuable knowledge on the process of obtaining Federal contracts in support of federal disaster declarations.

“The Federal government is the largest single contractor in the world,” said Annette Wright, who’s managing contracting for the disaster. “That said, it can be daunting for vendors who’ve never tried to work with the Federal government before to get a contract the first time. That’s why we set up this meeting: to give everyone who wanted an equal chance at successfully navigating that process.”

The training session drew more than a dozen venders, most of whom also received hands-on training the next day.

Wright and her staff developed an 8-point Fact Sheet called “How to do business with the Federal government” that will also be available in future disasters, State and Tribal alike.

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07/08/2017 - 10:22