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Sandy recovery continues over the holidays

As 2014 comes to a close, FEMA and its partners in state and local government, other federal agencies, voluntary organizations and the private sector continue working to rebuild New York in ways that make it stronger, more resilient and better able to withstand future storms. Many of the employees at the Sandy Recovery Office are Sandy survivors. Some of their homes sustained damage; several employees took in friends and neighbors displaced by the storm. It has been a long and sometimes difficult road to recovery. Although there has been great progress in the two years since Hurricane Sandy plowed into New York, there is still more to do.

School under construction that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy.
Rockaway Park, N.Y.--Scholars' Academy is one of many New York City schools damaged by flooding during Hurricane Sandy. K.C.Wilsey/FEMA

FEMA continues working with the state to get money into communities as efficiently as possible so that schools can reopen, hospitals can treat patients and commuters can get to work.

So far, more than $6.3 billion has been provided for rebuilding and resilience projects.

Some of the recent initiatives include:

  • More than $64 million to the Port    Authority of New York and New Jersey for permanent repairs to World Trade Center Building One.

  • More than $2.8 million to the New York Health and Hospitals Corporation for temporary services for Coler Hospital on Roosevelt Island.

  • More than $2 million to Long Beach City Schools for repairs at East Elementary School. FEMA funds will be used to repair the school and replace books, desks and supplies lost in the storm.

  • More than $1.6 million to the Fire Department, City of New York, to repair the wave attenuation system that protects the FDNY marine rescue vessels.

  • Almost $74 million in Hazard Mitigation grants to the New York State Department of Transportation to upgrade and improve resilience of bridges across the state.

Other projects are in the works that will restore and strengthen New York’s infrastructure.

FEMA is committed to New York’s recovery. We’ll be here, working with our partners in 2015, and we will stay here until the job is done.

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