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Checklist to rebuild smarter, stronger and safer after Sandy

FEMA created a checklist to help Hurricane Sandy survivors rebuild smarter, stronger and safer so their homes are protected in future storms.  There are simple steps survivors can follow to assist with their hazard planning, and Michael F. Byrne, FEMA’s federal coordinating officer in New York said, “We want survivors to plan for the future, to ensure their homes and communities are stronger when the next storm hits.”

Download & Print: Color Version | Black & White Version | Text File Version

Written in the first person, the checklist includes:

  1. Know my Risk. Review local flood maps to understand my property’s flood risk.
  2. Develop a Plan. Activities to protect my property and reduce the impact of flooding. Things to consider:
    1. Elevate our home above the floodwaters.
    2. Elevate electrical and heating systems.
    3. Install exterior floodwalls to protect window wells or stairs against low-level flooding.
    4. Install a backflow valve in the sewer line.
  3. Finalize my Plan. Contact my local building official before rebuilding/renovating /retrofitting. Make sure my plans meet local and state government requirements. Get proper permits.
  4. Be Smart When I Start. Use reliable, licensed contractors. Get a written estimate. Check references. Pay by check.
  5. Get Insurance. National Flood Insurance Program – helps cover costly losses associated with flooding. Visit //
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07/08/2017 - 10:22