Florida Surfside Building Collapse


Incident Period: Jun 24, 2021 - Jul 4, 2021

Declaration Date: Jun 25, 2021

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Local News & Media

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Support in house 

Visit our media library to see how we are supporting the state alongside with our federal partners during this response.  

Funding Obligations

Individual Assistance Amount
Total Housing Assistance (HA) - Dollars Approved $622,519.01
Total Other Needs Assistance (ONA) - Dollars Approved $478,106.55
Total Individual & Households Program Dollars Approved $1,100,625.56
Individual Assistance Applications Approved 90
Public Assistance Amount
Emergency Work (Categories A-B) - Dollars Obligated $50,396,108.43
Total Public Assistance Grants Dollars Obligated $54,210,191.28
Last updated May 17, 2022