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Disaster Survivor Assistance Program

This page is about the Disaster Survivor Assistance program.

The mission of the Disaster Survivor Assistance program is to build and sustain an expeditionary cadre that can address disaster survivor's immediate needs by:
  1. Establishing a timely presence;
  2. Providing in-person, tailored information and services;
  3. Providing referrals to whole community partners as needed;
  4. Collecting targeted information to support decision-making; and
  5. Identifying public information needs so critical messaging can be developed and disseminated.

The Disaster Survivor Assistance Program supports Local, State, Tribal, Territorial, and Federal requirements during disaster response and recovery operations. DSA staff have the ability to quickly deploy in anticipation of (or immediately following) a disaster declaration, and can provide operational/situational awareness of conditions, needs, and activity in the affected area. They provide support to disaster survivors at their homes or in their communities, offering options for how to access programs that can help them move forward in their recovery.

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