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Disaster Emergency Communications Division: Cadre Management and Training

The Disaster Emergency Communications Division supports FEMA’s vision of a ready workforce that is adequately staffed, available, trained, qualified, and equipped to conduct the agency’s mission. As a Cadre, we thrive by being informed and prepared to successfully respond to any disaster, strengthened by acquiring hands-on experience, applicable training and professional development opportunities. 

Use this page to find information on training opportunities and to locate resources needed for your deployment.


Washington, D.C., July 15, 2012 -- Participants of the first Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator (FDRC) Academy 2012 class at FEMA Headquarters listen intently to a presentation from FEMA Deputy Administrator Richard Serino. The class is composed of five newly hired FDRCs along with representatives from various FEMA Regions, state officials and Recovery Support Functions.My Position Task Book (PTB) reflects training that is only taught in a classroom. How do I sign up for course that are required on my PTB?

Prior to registering for any course, your FEMA Student Identification (SID) number is required in your DTS Responder Portal profile. If your SID is not displayed, log into the DTS Responder portal, select the Training Tile and click the blue "Enter Student ID" button. If you experience issues, please contact requesting your SID to be added. If you have never registered for an SID or forgot your SID, make the appropriate selection on the SID site.
To register for a course on your PTB, log into the DTS Responder Portal and select the "Training" tile. Once within this tile, select the appropriate hyperlink for the course you desire to attend. If the training tile does not appear then there are currently no courses available for you to register for. If there are no courses with hyperlinks then there are currently no courses available for registration.

I completed my required training course weeks ago but it still shows incomplete in my Deployment Tracking System (DTS) Responder portal. What should I do?

Training records are updated as they are received from the Emergency Management Institute, Center for Domestic Preparedness, etc. Please allow 90 days for the information to be updated into the DTS system. After the 90 days (or at any time), you can email the documents to the Pasadena Call Center at Also, a representative at the Pasadena call center is able to assist you (855-377-3362) regarding any variance of information in your PTB. If you are near completion of your PTB and completed courses remain listed as incomplete, please reach out to the Disaster Emergency Communications Division cadre at for further assistance.

I’m a Reservist and I am not deployed but I would like to take Independent Study (IS) courses that are required for my PTB. What should I do?

All IS courses are taken online and can be found by clicking IS Courses. IS courses should be completed while in a deployed status, whenever possible. Reservists will only be compensated for required IS courses directly related to their FEMA Qualification System (FQS) position specific training.Overtime compensation is not approved and will not be incurred for taking FQS required Independent Study (IS) courses. Once the required IS course that you chose to enroll in is completed, email your course completion certificate and therafter input the course length and FQS accounting code into WebTA to correspond with the dates the courses were completed. Make sure you validate your WebTA time by COB on the 1st Friday of the pay period.

I've just been deployed but the line of credit on my travel card has not been increased, who do I contact?

Please contact your credit card point of contact regarding issues with your credit card. A listing of points of contact can be found by clicking the Travel Charge Card Program website (site can only be accessed behind the firewall). Under Agency Contacts, select RSV/IMC LOPCS or LOPCS Contact List (depending on your title).

How do I progress in my position from trainee to qualified?

The steps to progress from trainee to qualified can be found in the FEMA Qualification System (FQS) quide. Revisions are currently being made to this guidance as the process is now automated through DTS (you no longer need to submit an “Employee Request Form”). Once your PTB is complete, your position tab should be green in the DTS Responder portal prompting you to request qualification. Once you submit this package the request is processed through the DTS workflow system (#6-8 on FQS Guide).

How do i sign up for TSA Pre Check?

Per the Office of the Secretary All DHS Federal employees may now opt in to join the TSA PreP® program and receive expedited screening—at no additional cost to employees—for both their official and personal air travel.  This decision was made because each of you have been assessed as part of your DHS employment and is entrusted with carrying out the Department’s security mission; you have been found to be a trusted traveler.

With TSA Pre
P®, you do not need to remove your shoes, laptops, liquids, belts, and light jackets when traveling from U.S. airports on a participating airline. All passengers are still subject to random screening.

You can opt in immediately by visiting the TSA PreP® for DHS Employees site.  The site has helpful information on how DHS Federal employees (contractors are not currently eligible under this initiative) can obtain and use their Known Traveler Number (KTN).

Note: This action will need to be completed on a FEMA pc with your PIV card inserted. Once completed please remember to add the number to your CONCUR profile.

As a Reservist (RSV) can i be compensated for completing required courses while not deployed?

Yes, RSV can be compensated for completing required Independent Study courses on their PTB (use the FQS accounting code in WEBTA )& required FEMA mandatory  training courses (use the Cadre Management accounting code). You will only be compensated for the time that is listed to complete the course. If the course is listed as 1hr but it took you 2hrs to complete, you will log 1hr into your WEBTA timecard.

Training should be completed the 1st week of the pay period & uploaded & validated in WEBTA by close of business on the 1st Friday of the pay period.  Please reference the 2018 pay calender under Resources for pay weeks.

  • There will be no compensation for any course that you have previously met the training requirement for
  • There will be no compensation for any course while deployed
  • Overtime compensation is not approved
  • There will be no compensation for any course not listed on your PTB or not listed on the CY18 Madatory Training list
  • Course completion certificate are fwd to Edmond Bergeron for verification prior to the COB on the 1st Friday

Please direct training questions to the Cadre Coorindator, Edmond Bergeron


Course Updates

  • NFC 007 Defensive Driving has been removed from the qualification sheets and is no longer required

  • IS 208 has been removed from the qualification sheets and is no longer required

  • E 300 & 400 are now merged into E/L 602. Completing E/L 602 satisfies the requirement for all 3 courses

Student Transcript


  • Concur: Manage travel
  • Travel Credit Card: Guidance and contacts for FEMA travel card (can only be accessed from behind the firewall)
  • WebTA: Login for time & attendance

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