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Current Users of cHECk-RAS

This page outlines information on how to download and run the latest version of cHECK-RAS, delete a junction in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) HEC-RAS (Hydologic Engineering Center River Analysis System) program, and other useful cHECk-RAS information for current users. cHECk-RAS is a program designed to verify the validity of an assortment of parameters found in the HEC-RAS hydraulic modeling program. cHECk-RAS utilizes information generated by HEC-RAS.

To view the latest version of cHECk-RAS, visit the cHECk-RAS Homepage.

cHECk-RAS Version 2.0.1 Release

Updates to the cHECk-RAS program have been made to:

  • The ‘Read Geometry’ error related to rating curves experienced by some users when using the program to check certain models will be resolved
  • Variables will populate appropriately in all 314 cHECk-RAS messages generated by the program
  • Users will be able to install the cHEC-RAS program to a non-default location on their computer without affecting the ability to use cHECk-RAS
  • Users will be able to input a specific surcharge value to be checked as an alternative to choosing from the pre-defined list of state surcharge values
  • cHECk-RAS 2.0.1 User Guide enhancements to reflect the latest features

Please refer to the updated cHECk-RAS User Guide for additional information and instructions on new program features.

cHECk-RAS 2.0.1 can be run on computers that:

  • Use Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit) or Windows 8 (32- or 64-bit) operating systems
  • Have the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ HEC-RAS program installed. Currently, all versions through version 4.1.0 are supported.
  • Have a version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat installed

Note that in order for the cHECk-RAS Help and Reporting functions to be fully functional, the HEC-RAS project file inputted into the program must be accessed from your local computer.

Download cHECk-RAS

The USACE’s HEC-RAS program must be installed on the computer before cHECk-RAS can be installed.

Note that older versions of cHECk-RAS do not need to be un-installed prior to installation of cHECk-RAS 2.0.1.

  1. Download the latest cHECk-RAS Version 2.0.1 set-up zip file from the FEMA library and save it to a local directory on your computer. Extract the file.

    Note that the FEMA library resource record for cHECk-RAS also includes the following information:
    • cHECk-RAS 2.0.1 executable setup file - in ZIP format.
    • User Guide
    • cHECk-RAS Sample Data Sets
  2. Double click on the cHECk-RAS installation file and follow the on-screen directions to install the program.

How to Delete a Junction in HEC-RAS

The How to Delete Junction Documentation document describes the step-by-step process for deleting a junction in HEC-RAS based on the Cross Section Check Example Dataset.

cHECk-RAS Bulletin Archive

You can view the cHECk-RAS bulletin archive as well as other FHM bulletins.

Software Help

A Software Help Page is available to accommodate users' submittals of questions and suggestions regarding cHECk-RAS and other FEMA computer programs. View the latest known issues for the cHECk-RAS Beta software release.

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07/06/2020 - 10:27