Inaugural Cohort of the FEMA Future Leaders Program Graduates!

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Photo of 32 graduates from The first cohort of the FEMA Future Leaders Program.











The first cohort of the FEMA Future Leaders Program celebrated completion of all the program requirements in a ceremony held last week.  The thirty-two graduates spent a year learning about the agency, building proficiency in leader development competencies, and focusing on their individual professional development.  The program featured high-profile speakers from FEMA and other government agencies, activities designed to practice new skills, and the opportunity to learn from each other as they built their professional network.

Each participant also completed either a 90-day rotational assignment or individual project that gave them the chance to expand their skill set and learn more about leadership.  Rotational assignments were completed within FEMA, or at partners such as the Dallas Office of Emergency Operations, Stafford County Fire and Rescue and the United Nations Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery.

Individuals who completed the cohort are:

  • Susan Carr
  • Laura Chevalier
  • Erin Clark
  • Carmalla Coley
  • Diana Crites
  • Duane Davis
  • David Evans
  • Charles Gallagher
  • Kelly Hudson
  • Samuel Hultzman
  • Joleen Jubela
  • Dahlia Kasperski
  • Matthew Ladd
  • Daniel LoFaro
  • Leah Lubin
  • Mark MacAlester
  • Patricia McArthur
  • Julia McCarthy
  • Christopher Page
  • Jennifer Pearce
  • Robert Pesapane
  • Margaret Ramos
  • Billy Rhodes
  • Cassie Ringsdorf
  • Tim Smith
  • Carol Anne Snider
  • Daniel Stevens
  • Mark Tinsman
  • Tim Young
  • Ashley Zohn

Please visit the FEMA Leader Development Program intranet site for further information.




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