The Office of the Chief Financial Officer announces 48 Hour Auto-Cancellation Rule

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Due to recent changes in the FY13 City Pair Program, beginning Oct. 1, all travel contract fares (YCA, CA and all CB fares) that are booked 72 hours or more prior to departure will require ticketing at least 48 hours prior to scheduled departure time.  If your reservation is not ticketed within 48 hours of departure, your reservation will be cancelled automatically by the airline. A notification will not be sent to travelers when the cancellation occurs. The home page has been modified so the travelers can see the new policy when they log into the system. 

It is imperative that once you submit your TA for approval that you follow up with your supervisor or approving official to make sure all documents are approved and the status of your TA in desktop is “Approved.”  You should also review the National Travel itinerary before traveling to ensure your reservation has been ticketed.  Failure to follow these actions may result in the traveler getting to the airport only to find that their reservation was cancelled. 

Contract Fare travel that is booked less than 72 hours prior to departure does not require ticketing with 48 hours prior to scheduled departure time.  Most airlines will hold reservations up to 6 hours prior to departure; however, that is not a requirement.  Some airlines may cancel the reservation the day of departure if the reservation is not ticketed.  It’s always best to have your reservation ticketed as soon as possible after making the reservation. 

If you have questions, please call the Helpdesk on 1-800-310-3169, Option 2.

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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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