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Cooperating Technical Partners (CTP) Program Training

This page provides CTP Partners answers to the most frequently asked questions on CTP Program training opportunities. This page is intended for current CTP Partners or interested parties wanting to learn more about the Program.

If applicants or students have any additional questions about the course, who should they contact?

For more information on any of the following topics, applicants and students should contact their Regional CTP Coordinator. This includes information on:

  • Specific course dates
  • Agendas of upcoming training courses
  • Upcoming course student requirements
  • Registration deadlines

How often does the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offer CTP training courses? When will the training courses be held this year?

FEMA regularly hosts the CTP: Special Topics (E241) training. This course is designed specifically for states, tribal nations, regional agencies and local communities that are participating in the CTP Program.

Where are the training courses held?

The CTP: Special Topics (E241) training is held at FEMA's Emergency Management Institute (EMI) in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

From time to time, FEMA also hosts CTP–related training that can be accessed remotely from your home or office through your computer.

What topics are included in the CTP training course?

Because the needs of CTP Program participants vary over time, the agenda of the CTP: Special Topics (E241) training has been designed to be flexible.

Who should attend the course?

The CTP: Special Topics (E241) is typically geared toward CTP Program participants who are playing an active role in the flood hazard mapping process but is sometimes also open to Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (MAP) program staff, State National Flood Insurance Program Coordinators and others.

What requirements must students meet?

Because the agenda of the CTP: Special Topics (E241) training course varies from offering to offering, the student requirements also vary.

How do applicants register for the training?

Admission requires approval of the FEMA Regional CTP Coordinator. Once approval has been given, application for admission to the course is made by using the General Admission Application Form. The application may be downloaded, as a PDF document, from the EMI Courses & Schedules page on the EMI Website.

What are the tuition fees for the training?

For the CTP: Special Topics (E241) at EMI, there are no tuition fees for eligible applicants. All instruction, course materials and housing are provided at no cost. Participants are responsible for the cost of the meals provided and for personal, incidental expenses. (All students attending EMI courses are required to purchase a campus meal ticket for the period of their course.) Students from state and local governments will be eligible for reimbursement for one round-trip fare by common carrier (economy coach class or lesser accommodations) for each session attended; first class and business class airline tickets will not be refunded. Airline tickets must be presented at registration. Students within driving distance traveling by privately owned vehicle will be reimbursed the current federal mileage or the state ceiling, whichever is less. Additional information regarding fees and stipends can be found in the current EMI Catalog of Activities.

Where do I send the admission application form?

The admission application form FEMA Form 119-25-1 (Previously 75-5) should be submitted to the EMI Admissions Office to reserve a place in the course as well as ensure that the travel stipend can be processed promptly. The dedicated fax number for EMI Admissions is (301) 447-1658. Applications of individuals who have not been invited to the class will not be processed.

When must the admissions application form be submitted?

Application deadlines will vary from course offering to course offering. For more information on registration deadlines refer to your course invitation for specific information or contact the CTP Coordinator.

How will students know if they have been registered successfully for the course?

The campus admissions staff will send each student a letter of confirmation that also provides more information about the course, including a detailed course outline.

Are other CTP training resources available?

From time to time, FEMA also hosts CTP–related training that can be accessed remotely from your home or office through your computer.

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