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FEMA Content

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One of the best ways to safeguard our communities against natural disasters is to adopt and follow up-to-date hazard-resistant building codes. Building codes are the minimum design and construction requirements to ensure safe and resilient structures. These codes reduce casualties, costs and damage by creating stronger buildings designed to withstand disasters.
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One of the most important aspects of rebuilding after a disaster is building with resiliency in mind.

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May is Building Safety Month and an important reminder to take steps to reduce disaster risks and ensure your home is resilient to severe weather events.
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In honor of National Building Safety Month, the May 11 webinar will bring together experts on building codes to talk about the importance of investing in building codes now, how to communicate successfully about building codes, and why FEMA is encouraging their use throughout its Hazard Mitigation programs. In a world that has seen increasingly more natural disasters from flooding and hurricanes to earthquakes and fires, building codes and awareness of the risks your communities face will make all the difference when disaster strikes.
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