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FEMA Content

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CHICAGO – Sunday, March 14, marks an hour of lost sleep, but starts the long-awaited days of more sunlight ahead. Take the time this weekend to adjust your clocks and consider taking three key safety steps to protect against possible risks you and your family might face.
Press Release
Dr. Howard Kunreuther discusses how common human biases affect decision-making under uncertainty and how these biases result in people underpreparing for disasters.
Blog entry
Daniel Homsey shares his tools empowering neighborhoods and shows how preparing neighbors to help themselves prepares the community.
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L. Vance Taylor shares the personal story of a shelter that failed to take into account the needs of people with access and functional needs, and how emergency managers can achieve better integrated planning.
Blog entry
Sarah Thompson demonstrates how children are the foundation for building a culture of preparedness and shares how to involve youth in disaster preparedness.
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Dr. Lori Peek examines the needs of children in disasters and explains ways to work with children before disasters strike.
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John Hope Bryant explains why emergency managers should include financial literacy as a priority and how disaster recovery dollars could improve the financial resilience for those in poverty.
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Dr. Daniel Aldrich highlights how different types of social capital (bonding, bridging, and linking) serve to increase community resilience.
Blog entry
Amanda Ripley combines the inspiring stories of disaster survivors with research into how the brain works when confronted with unusual events.
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