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BOTHELL, Wash. - From May 3-5, FEMA Region 10 will host Cascadia Rising 2022: Rehearsal of Concept (ROC), a three-day discussion-based exercise at the Pierce County Readiness Center in Camp Murray, Washington, to evaluate FEMA’s coordinated response plan to a massive Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) earthquake and resulting tsunami.

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FEMA Region 10 Earthquake Program Manager Amanda Siok shares how the people of the Shoalwater Bay Tribe are proactively taking steps to protect their community from an earthquake and tsunami.

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Washington State’s Pacific coast faces the threat of large-scale earthquakes and tsunamis. To mitigate the risk, Washington is providing technical assistance to cities, counties, and tribes for construction of the Nation’s first vertical evacuation structures capable of withstanding 9.0+ magnitude earthquakes and 30-foot waves. The project provides residents and visitors in coastal population centers a means of seeking safety without having to travel considerable distance to natural high ground.

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