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Community Recovery Management Toolkit

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The Community Recovery Management Toolkit (CRMT) is a compilation of guidance, case studies, tools, and training to assist local communities in managing long-term recovery post-disaster. This toolkit is managed by Community Planning and Capacity Building Recovery Support Function (CPCB RSF). Navigate by clicking the links above or below. 

Selected Key Resources

  1. Recovery Planning After A Disaster – A Self Help Guide

  2. Effective Coordination of Recovery Resources to State, Tribal, Territorial, and Local Incidents

  3. Local Disaster Recovery Managers (LDRM)

  4. FEMA Procurement Toolbox Series: Local and Indian Tribal Government Requirements of 44 C.F.R. §13.36
  5. Top 10 Procurement Under Grant Mistakes Leading to Audits and Potential Loss of FEMA Public Assistance Funding
  6. Recovery Funding Resources:
    1. Listing of Disaster Recovery Funding Resources by Agency
    2. White House's Recovery through Federal-State-Local Partnership
    3. Searchable Resources for Community Leaders from
    4. Select Funding & Technical Assistance to Support Post-Disaster Local Planning and Management.
  7. Local Capacity Building Support Catalog: Trainings, Toolkits, and Technical assistance offerings for local governments

  8. Post-Disaster Recovery Briefing Papers


Full Library of Resources

Find a multitude of guides, examples, and tools through the following major toolkit categories and sub-categories on the additional pages.

  • Part 1: Organizing: Recovery resources to quickly organize local leadership and stakeholders, as well as engage and communicate with the public.
  • Part 2. Planning: Recovery resources to assess local needs in recovery, carry out a recovery planning process, and determine projects to support the community’s future vision and priorities.
  • Part 3. Managing: Recovery resources to assist local leadership in managing staffing and financing, and leveraging resources to support recovery strategy implementation.
  • NDRF Topic specific Resources: This section introduces the different recovery topics that the federal government focuses on as expressed in the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF)

This page is geared towards community and local government recovery efforts post-disaster. If looking for pre-disaster guidance check out the Pre-Disaster  Recovery Planning Guide for Local Governments or Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning Guide for State Governments. If looking for individual federal assistance please go to or learn more about FEMA's Individual Assistance Program by clicking this link.

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