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Are you prepared for winter weather?

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Much of the U.S. has been hit with winter weather in the past week, from several feet of snow in parts of Minnesota to freeze warnings in Florida, and more snow and freezing rain is forecasted across large areas of the country today.  When the weather outside gets frightful, staying safe (and warm) is of primary importance.  So in light of the recent extreme weather, here are some simple reminders to keep you safe this winter season:

Be informed
NOAA weather radios, local TV and radio stations are great places to find severe weather updates.  For more detailed forecasts of your area, visit or // on your smart phone.  And if you’re still looking for a gift for that special someone, consider a NOAA weather radio.

Get an emergency kit in your car and workplace
Snow storms and “whiteouts” can happen very quickly, so plan ahead by having an emergency kit in your car and workplace.  At first thought it might sound over-the-top, but recently some drivers in Wisconsin were stranded on the highway for hours during a heavy snow storm.  Having a blanket, hand warmers, and non-perishable food items on hand are invaluable in the event of such an emergency. 

Make a plan for safe snow removal
If you’re in an area that experiences heavy snowfall, removing snow can be a tough task.  Here are a few reminders as you rid your driveway and sidewalk of the fluffy white stuff:

  • Whether you use a shovel or a plow attached to an all-terrain-vehicle, make sure you’re removing snow legally.  Check with your city officials before placing excess snow in roadways or sidewalks, to ensure you’re following their guidelines.
  • Moving snow can be hard work.  Take breaks and make sure to give your body a rest.  Overworking yourself in cold weather can put extra strain on your heart.

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What about Bay area, california?

What about Bay area, california?

One way to prepare is to Join your area Community ...

One way to prepare is to Join your area Community Emergency Response Team and then help others prepare

It is amazing how quickly snow can accumalte it ca...

It is amazing how quickly snow can accumalte it can take you by surprise so if you are out and about and you know the forecast is for snow be prepared have a shovel and warm blankets in the boot of the car!

Ok so I live in the south, and it seems like over ...

Ok so I live in the south, and it seems like over the past few years we've been receiving more snow than usual. We even had a white christmas this year which I believe was the first in 50 years.(i live in SC) Either way, in the south at the first hint of snow everything shuts down, all the bread and milk are gone from the stores, and people get off the roads. I understand we don't get snow often in the south, but you'd think we'd have a system in place where everything doesn't shut down just because of mother nature. In the north, they could get 3 feet of snow and business continues as usual. Anyway, sorry about the rant, just needed to get that out.

I used to live in St. Louis, MO. until my junior y...

I used to live in St. Louis, MO. until my junior year in high school and I remember having school canceled with minimal snow accumulation. I would argue they did not have the best plan in place for snow removal. Then I moved to Minneapolis, MN and we got hit immediately with a couple feet of snows days for my last year of high school. Minnesota is prepared, that's for sure.

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