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SNEAK PEEK: The Next Iteration of


Today we are taking a step forward and pulling back the curtain with a preview of the next iteration of to give you the opportunity to take a tour of the new site, and to “kick the tires” as the saying goes.

When we began the process of our redesign, we started with the goal of creating a site that is more user-friendly, with up-to-date information, and easier to navigate. To reach this goal, some of the changes we made are: re-organizing the main content sections; adding drop-down menus; and integrating the “search” function to a greater extent within the website.

As we move forward through this process, there are a few important points to note:

  • First, in an effort to provide options and ease users into how the new site functions, the new re-designed site will be available while the old site remains active. This will provide individuals the opportunity to be able to access information in the manner they are most comfortable and assist with easing them into a transition to the new site. 
  • Second, we want to let you know that through this re-design process we have been updating much of the content that you will find on As we continue to work, we still have some pages that are being brought up-to-date. So please understand that content continues to flow and is being updated as quickly as possible. 
  • Finally, like many projects of this magnitude, we anticipate that there will be some technical bugs in the system and we will work to address them as expeditiously as possible.

In the end, it is important for us to know what you, the user, thinks about the new site. Let us know what you think – the good, the bad, and everything in between. Click around the site and email us your thoughts: So once we’ve kicked the tires of the new site, what’s next?

Once we complete the work on the site and we are comfortable that it is working and functioning in a way that you have come to expect, we’ll take down the current site and replace it with the new version of the site. A point to note for some of our users who regularly link to some of FEMA’s content. When the new site goes live, links that you have bookmarked or links to our content may no longer work. So, as we move forward in the process, we will be asking web site owners, bloggers, etc, to assist us by making sure if you have links to from your sites that you update links to our site.

Keep watching this space and we’ll keep you updated and let you know when you should start changing the links. Thanks again for visiting the new, improved, and easier-to-navigate!

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06/02/2017 - 09:25


Very nice website. Love the layout. I always thought the current website was nice but the more I try to find things, I can't. Looking forward to the final release of this new, improved website.

The new site looks great. Congratulations!

I think it looks great, and is well thought out, and developed fully. The major topics all appear to be addressed. I love Mr. Fugates push to get every person prepared, as we never know when a disaster can strike.

What I have seen other successful websites do is exactly what FEMA's new site is doing - keeping everything simple. A clean and straightfoward approach to web design allows for the user to feel like the website is accessible and not overwhelming or confusing. Great job!

I would hope that there will be a link to the National Sitrep.

Please include a USNG geoaddress along with the FEMA HQ street address at the bottom of your web pages: USNG: 18S UJ 24875 05995 Thanks, Mark A. Whitney Fire Programs Specialist National Fire Data Center United States Fire Administration Federal Emergency Management Agency Department of Homeland Security 16825 S. Seton Ave. Emmitsburg, MD 21727 (301) 447-1836 USNG: 18SUJ00539637

Here are the big things to make the site work. No Flash Player, because it can't work in the mobile environment yet. There should be constant Geospatial data and not just the weather. Users want to be able to filter their own views. e.g. How many stores are open in a particular area to capture "The Waffle Houses Effect" where one can interpret what roads may still be impassable so alternate routes can be planned to get to a destination.

I like what you guys are doing with the homepage and navigation. A few things: - consider lining all your content up to a consistent grid, that way the user's eyes can easily track down the page and to the right areas on corresponding pages. - the header is very large, which is good if you really want them to search, but you might consider taking it down a few pixels. Similarly, I really like the importance you give to the breadcrumbs on the interior pages, but considering that many users will not use this (can attest from usability testing), you might also consider bringing attention to this area with color contrast rather than white-space. Best regards, Logan

I like this idea and will be looking forward to using it.

Looks good to me. Congratulations.

You need to reduce the size of the banner areas (the navy blue and red bars which remain fixed even when scrolling). This reduces the actual viewable content area to only 66% of the screen. When you factor in the giant rollover navigation menus below the red bar and breadcrumbs, there's less than 50% of the vertical screen height that's viewable when the page loads. Seems like you might want to put the social media links in the giant blue banner along with any other global links.