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Throughout last year I blogged about the Strategic Foresight Initiative (SFI) and the work all of the SFI participants have done around exploring the forces of change (i.e. drivers), plausible future operating conditions, challenges, and opportunities. The initiative was designed to identify what the emergency management community would need to be successful regardless of what the future holds.

Today, I’m pleased to announce the release of the Crisis Response and Disaster Resilience 2030 report which includes insights on the future role of emergency and disaster management; strategic needs and gaps the community will have to address; and a look into the emergency management community of 2030. This report presents the following SFI findings to date:

  • An examination of the forces of change shaping the emergency management worlds;
  • An identification of vital and compelling strategic needs as identified during the SFI workshop as participants explored the five alternative emergency management scenarios; and
  • An image of the future emergency management capacities and capabilities.

The strategic needs in particular – focused around essential capabilities, innovative models and tools, and dynamic partnerships – are intended to be a catalyst for leadership discussion throughout the emergency management community, and to prepare us, and the nation, for whatever challenges and opportunities the future holds.

This report is intended to provide planners and managers with insights that can shape a range of critical decisions, starting today. Such decisions—which can be made in advance of disasters—include improving prioritization of resources and investments, managing new and unfamiliar risks, forging new partnerships, and understanding emerging legal and regulatory hurdles.

FEMA's role in SFI is to coordinate and support the advancement of research and dialogue around these findings and engagement of the emergency management community. Understanding the future is essential; taking action to improve resilience and adaptability throughout our community is imperative. I hope you will join us in further discussion regarding the Strategic Foresight Initiative and future findings by leaving a comment below.

FEMA invites its partners to make full use of this report within their own organizations, and to make it available to their membership and constituency groups, as appropriate.

For more information on the SFI, you can contact the SFI Project Team via email at and you can visit the SFI web page to read the relevant research papers.

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06/17/2012 - 12:59


you need a coop for zombie outbreaks

you need a coop for zombie outbreaks

Yeah well to bad zombies are fake...

Yeah well to bad zombies are fake...

Depends on what you deem to be a Zombie... Say, a ...

Depends on what you deem to be a Zombie... Say, a huge pandemic and a need to declare Martial Law and 'quarantine' everyone contaminated people would probably be walking around like zombie's...

Hi there my name is Scott Rodger and am a Night se...

Hi there my name is Scott Rodger and am a Night security guard at ST. Athony Summit Meciacal center in Frisco Colorado. I have been very encouraged by your willingness to include guards of important infastructer throughout the nation and am looking forward to being more closely intagrated with the Homeland Security mission nationally and local response with local law enforecement that we work with on a day to day basis. I agree fully that a large part of state and national infastructer and potential targets are protected and watched over by private security. Being that we are always prepairing for the worst I have beeen activly persuing training in the areas of active shooter to get a better idea of what to expect with local swat response and how best to suppress attacks of this nature until the calvalry arrives. Like the attacks we saw in Mumbai I feel that gettng ready for a response to somthing of that nature at the hospital since the set up time planning and access to guns is a quick in the US this seems a very attainable style attack we might see in the future.

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