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Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Update 1


(Updated with a video, 8am EST)

FEMA is closely monitoring the effects of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck Japan early this morning, and through our regional offices in the West Coast and in the pacific area, we are in close contact and coordination with state and local officials and stand ready to support them in any way needed.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy.

Tsunami warnings and watches have been issued for the U.S. territories of Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, as well as portions of coastal areas in Hawaii, Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington.

Our immediate priority is the safety of the people and communities in the affected areas.  We remind everyone who lives in the region to monitor their local news for instructions from their state and local officials and if told to evacuate - evacuate.

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06/16/2012 - 16:37


Mr.President obama. Please help Japan. There are a lot of people who still live. The correspondence of the Japanese Government is slow, and a person is dead steadily. A lot of people still demand help. Please help us. Please. Please.

hope japan recover soon...tsunami = danger

Hey guys. You need to get ahead of this Japanese nuclear thing. The silence is deafening. You can't have a half dozen nuclear reactors have "problems with cooling" and not discuss the fallout potential, the jet stream and the USA. the Japanese will save face and never be upfront about the radiation. We have detectors all over the pacific - you better tell people the USA is monitoring the situation for air borne radiation. This is what you are paid for. Nobody wants a panic - which is why you need to be proactive. Are we facing a Katrina x10? Silence does not help. Obama is golfing and the FEMA site does not even use the word "nuclear." If there is no need for concern, great! Please tells us exactly how and why there is no concern. Where are the radiation detectors, who is operating them and who is the coordinator/interpreter of the data? Is there any detection of higher levels of radiation from Japan in the jet stream? NASA, NOAA, DOD?

Why are there people on here spouting nonsense about the nuclear power plant rather then giving their condolences? The power plant is fine, they can keep it under control still. <br /><br />I hope they can recover from this ordeal fast, my condolences are out there for you Japan.

It is now circulating pretty fiercely that fallout is expected to hit the US west coast and Canada within...days? A day? <br />Obviously anyone with clear cut predictions can't be relied on, but God help us, why is there not even a fraction of the urgency as there was with the Y2K hubbub? <br />I am so sorry Japan. I am so very sickened and sorry for the loss, horror and agony. I am also afraid for my two-year-old daughter, my wife and teenage son. <br />Why is there nothing on this site that is more forthright and clear, so that we don't have to regret later what could have been dealt with in the_Possible_Event_of_an_Emergency?<br />Water, food, potassium iodide, what else? Get out of California?

may held god japanish peoples & other peoples

I would like to send my prayers to all the people of Japan.. I hope response crews can save those trapped,and the injured. The people in Japan are still unsafe, as there are more aftershocks and earthquakes taking place.. I think that the Japanese government is doing a disservice to it's people. They need to come clean, tell the people how bad this event really is so they understand how important it is to get away from the fallout zones, and evacuate as many people as possible. The explosions at these Nuclear power plants are highly toxic and radioactive, People in Japan need to take KI.. Potassium Iodide, to help their immune systems to combat the effects. I pray to God that the Japanese and hopefully UN forces are able to stabilize, the fuel rods and cool them down or else WE ALL WILL BE AFFECTED. The cloud is now in the jet-stream and headed towards the U.S, Western Canada and Alaska. I also wish every one left, will come together in this terrible time. God Bless us all.. Japan, and the world. I send my love and support to all the victims of this event and pray that they are now safe.

Any one know of any USAR teams going from NY? I an few other guys at my fire Department would like to go help but we are a volunteer department

this tsunami, isn't making sense.if the tsunami started in the pacific ocean, why is the tsunami going the another way (hawaii &cali). None of the news channel are saying were it started from. they just say 'tsunami hits japan also expected to hawaii and california.

I am writing this from Tokyo and I' d like to tell to US Government that 10 towers of Fukushima Nuclear Power Supply were seriously damaged and pool for cooling nuclear by water was broken so cannot coool down now.If all 10 towers will be burn, it must be huge tragedy for the world and wind will bring radiation to west coast of US.Could you please send BORAX from US to cool down nuclear of Fukushima ASAP!!I am a journalist and not a specialist but BORAX worked for last incident of radiation leaking from a ship.<br />Please please help Japan and the world.<br />Mikako, Tokyo Japan

so sorryy for the people..!!!

Feeling very sorry for japanese:(

I expect FEMA and the U.S emergency and disaster response agencies are going to learn a great deal from Japan's recent calamity. It's truly a sad reality. Making the most of it, means learning as much about it as possible and being prepared as much as we are able.

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