Community Status Book Report
Communities Participating in the National Flood Program
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CID Community Name County Init FHBM Identified Init FIRM Identified Curr Eff Map Date Reg-Emer Date Tribal CRS Entry Date Curr Eff Date Curr Class % Disc SFHA % Disc Non SFHA
155166B HAWAII COUNTY * HAWAII COUNTY 06/01/74 05/03/82 09/29/17 05/03/82 No 05/01/11 10/01/19 7 15% 05%
INCLUDING HILO AND VICINITY                      R060570
150001# HONOLULU , CITY AND COUNTY* OF HONOLULU COUNTY 06/05/70 09/03/80 11/05/14 09/03/80 No
[HONOLULU AND VICINITY]                           060570
150002D KAUAI COUNTY* KAUAI COUNTY 12/20/74 11/04/81 02/26/21 11/04/81 No
150003D MAUI COUNTY * MAUI COUNTY 12/06/77 06/01/81 11/04/15 06/01/81 No 10/01/95 05/01/18 7 15% 05%
Total In Flood Program 4
Total In Emergency Program 0
Total In the Regular Program 4
Total In Regular Program with No Special Flood Hazard 0
Total In Regular Program But Minimally Flood Prone 0
Indicates Entry In Emergency Program
No Special Flood Hazard Area - All Zone C
Date of Current Effective Map is after the Date of This Report
Not Applicable At This Time
Suspended Community
Withdrawn Community
No Elevation Determined - All Zone A, C and X
Original FIRM by Letter - All Zone A, C and X