Wisconsin: Phillips School District Community Safe Room

A multi-purpose safe room protects at-risk populations and mitigates risks from severe weather events.

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Phillips, Wisconsin: $4.20 million

Project Description

Phillips is a small at-risk population of 1,570 residents who are vulnerable to severe weather events. The School District of Phillips Community Safe Room Project will build an 8,800 square foot concrete safe room that will connect to the Phillips K-12 school. Serving as a multi-purpose gymnasium, the safe room will protect students and residents.

The room will have a permanent backup generator and a secondary 9-1-1 call dispatch center. The project involves developing large green spaces, a rain garden and a rainwater harvesting system which will manage localized runoff and will help to ensure safe access to the structure. The safe room will mitigate risk for tornadoes, high winds, severe storms, extreme temperature, winter storm, flooding, infrastructure failure and energy emergencies.

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